by JasonColeDesigns

Here are a few logos that I have created for companies, friends and family. From left to right: Dj Delicious Mike: The client wanted a girls lips involved. BleedingEar Records: The client wanted a bleeding ear involved. The Memonics: Band name based off Richard Dawkins theory of genetic thoughts or, memes, with the resulting side view of a DNA strand creating the letter M. Dj Sir-K: The name comes from Kris spelled backwards. I thought I would elaborate on that, the letter K was lifted from an arm tattoo that Kristian already had. Master of the Art: a logo I created for a previous design company I owned. Dj Flame: A passionate red haired friend of mine. Fries

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About Me

At 36 years of age, the Reverend Doctor Jason Cole has lived an enriching life and has come a long way from sweeping the floors of his family's print shop in 1995. Now armed with a doctorate in Metaphysics Jason helps friends and clients alike on their spiritual journeys by explaining some of the concepts of the world in regards to various religious paths. Today Jason can be commissioned to step aside and use some of his precious creative juices for your project be it art, creative writing and reviews or even officiating a wedding! Visit the website listed here to see Jason in action on his podcasts where he interviews some very interesting and entertaining people in Canada. Thanks for taking the time to consider this artist for your adventure!

$50 USD/hr