Microbial biodiversity patterns- how do they look like

by jism
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The main target of ecology is to know the biodiversity patterns and processes and how it is created and organized. The patterns of biodiversity help us to know the mechanisms of the structure of organism's community, how it is made and what to do for conservation. Microorganisms are the biggest part of biodiversity; very little study has been done to know their biodiversity patterns compared to other macro organisms as plant and animal. Microorganisms have critical role in biogeochemistry and ecosystem functioning (Wardle, D. A 2002 and Bell, T. et. al. (2005). Spatial scaling of microbial biodiversity provides information about the patterns of its diversity. There are some kinds of spatial patterns; three of them are described by Green J and Bohannan BJM. (2006). Patterns are the distance-decay relationship, the taxa-area relationship, and the local: global taxa richness ratio.

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