on the projects which i have worked

by kamlesh44
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i have working as a data operator since five yrs. worked with pthe projects are 1. 1. Wealth care (with the software automation) clinet from Bromley U.K 2. TIFF to NOTPAD conversation. Client(Krishna internations) Mumbai, bhahinder 3.3. Project Name: pdf to excel Project Type: Copy-Paste. Rate per Page: Rs. 2/- Workload Per Month: unlimited Pages per seat. TAT: 30 Days. Contract: 11 Months. Payment Cycle: 15 Days after submission first mth n then 5 days after submission. Registration Fees: 15,000 per seat. Minimum Seats: 10 seats 4. Pure typing project: Per line you get 0.25ps. No Targets. TAT: 30 days Payment: 10 to 15 days after submission. Registration: 15,500 per seat Contract: 10 months Minimum Seats: 10. 5. 4. Non-Voice Process (Data Entry): If the formalities are meet with today the live work will start latest by day after tomorrow. 1. No. Of Slots: 25 2. No. Of Seats: 20 (Per Slot) 3. Nature Of Work: Data Entry (Online with Log-in