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MIXING AND MASTERING - $50 per Song TO ANY PRERECORDED SESSION on ANY SOFTWARE RECORD/MIX/MASTER - (Tristate Area) $100 per Song ***Projects over 3 songs are quoted and work around your budget ****Ask about our Traveling Engineer service Where we bring the studio to you. Get a Quote TODAY! ... If u need professional quality FAST & CHEAP ... CONTACT US TODAY!!! call or txt - all projects are contractual agreements. forms of payment accepted are; Major Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX) / Paypal / Cash. all work has a 30 day guarantee. and product is usually done within 24 - 48 hrs Any Platform/ Os - Pro Tools OR Logic Hardware = RODE nta-1 condenser microphone running through PRO MPa2 pre-amp into mbox PLUGINS: Over 100 Plugins Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter API 550A API 550B API 560 API 2500 AudioTrack Bass Rider C1 Comp & Sidechain C1 Gate C1 Parametric Compander C1 Comp-Gate C360 Surround Compressor C4 MultiBand Compressor C6 MultiBand Compressor Center CLA-2A CLA-3A CLA-76 Blacky CLA-76 Bluey CLA Bass CLA Drums CLA Effects CLA Guitars CLA Unplugged CLA Vocals DeBreath DeEsser Doppler Dorrough Stereo Dorrough Surround Doubler Eddie Kramer Bass Channel Eddie Kramer Drum Channel Eddie Kramer Effects Channel Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel Eddie Kramer Vocal Channel Enigma GTR3 Amps: Direct GTR3 Amps: Clean GTR3 Amps: Warm GTR3 Amps: Punchy GTR3 Amps: Scream GTR3 Amps: Shredder GTR3 Amps: Sweet GTR3 Amps: Edgy GTR3 Amps: Cream GTR3 Amps: Drive GTR3 Amps: OverDrive GTR3 Amps: Crush GTR3 Amps: Monster GTR3 Amps: Inferno GTR3 Amps: Scorch GTR3 Amps: Supernatural GTR3 Amps: Hot GTR3 Amps: Crunch GTR3 Amps: Modern GTR3 Amps: Legatron Clean GTR3 Amps: Legatron Crunch GTR3 Amps: Thermitron Clean GTR3 Amps: Thermitron Crunch GTR3 Amps: Plexitron Lite GTR3 Amps: Plexitron Crunch GTR3 Bass Amps: Directube GTR3 Bass Amps: Activator GTR3 Bass Amps: SolidState GTR3 Bass Amps: Mo'Town GTR3 Bass Amps: SuperTube GTR3 Bass Amps: Thunder GTR3 Bass Amps: OverBass GTR3 Stomps: Chorus GTR3 Stomps: OverDrive GTR3 Stomps: Distortion GTR3 Stomps: Fuzz GTR3 Stomps: Buzz GTR3 Stomps: Metal GTR3 Stomps: Flanger GTR3 Stomps: Vibrolo GTR3 Stomps: Panner GTR3 Stomps: Phaser GTR3 Stomps: Octaver GTR3 Stomps: WahWah GTR3 Stomps: Doubler GTR3 Stomps: Pitcher GTR3 Stomps: Bass Pitcher GTR3 Stomps: Delay GTR3 Stomps: Lay-D GTR3 Stomps: Reverb GTR3 Stomps: Spring GTR3 Stomps: Gate/Comp GTR3 Stomps: Compressor GTR3 Stomps: GateGTR3 Stomps: Tone GTR3 Stomps: EQ GTR3 Stomps: Axx Press GTR3 Stomps: Volume Pedal GTR3 Tuner GTR3 ToolRack IDR360 Bit Re-quantizer H-Comp Hybrid Compressor H-Delay Hybrid Delay H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer IR1 Parametric Convolution Reverb IR360 Surround Convolution Reverb IR-L Parametric Convolution Reverb JJP Bass JJP Cymbals & Percussion JJP Drums JJP Guitars JJP Keys & Strings JJP Vocals Kramer HLS Channel Kramer Master Tape Kramer PIE Compressor L1 Ultramaximizer L2 Ultramaximizer L3 Multimaximizer L3 Ultramaximizer L3-16 Multimaximizer L3-LL Multimaximizer L3-LL Ultramaximizer LFE360 Low-Pass Filter L360 Surround Limiter Linear Phase Equalizer Broadband Linear Phase Equalizer Lowband Linear Phase MultiBand LoAir M360 Surround Manager M360 Surround Mixdown Maserati ACG Acoustic Guitar Designer Maserati B72 Bass Phattner Maserati DRM Drum Slammer Maserati GRP Group Channel Maserati GTi Guitar Toner Maserati HMX Harmonics Generator Maserati VX1 Vocal Enhancer MaxxBass MaxxVolume MetaFlanger MondoMod Morphoder MV2 Dynamics Processor MV360 Surround Dynamics Processor PAZ Analyzer OneKnob Brighter OneKnob Driver OneKnob Filter OneKnob Louder OneKnob Phatter OneKnob Pressure OneKnob Wetter PS22 Stereo Maker (TDM Only) PuigChild 660 & 670 PuigTec EQP-1A PuigTec MEQ-5 Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer Q-Clone R360 Surround Reverb Renaissance Axx Renaissance Bass Renaissance Channel Renaissance Compressor Renaissance DeEsser Renaissance Equalizer Renaissance Reverb Renaissance Vox S1 Stereo Imager S1 Stereo Matrix S1 Stereo Shuffler S360 Surround Imager S360 Surround Panner SoundShifter SuperTap 2-Tap SuperTap 6-Tap TransX MultiBand TransX WideBand TrueVerb UltraPitch UM225 / UM226 V-Comp V-EQ3 V-EQ4 Vocal Rider Waves Tune W43 WNS X-Click X-Crackle X-Hum X-Noise Z-Noise Over 250 Components Amp 2Cab Mono Amp M>S Amp Mono Amp Stereo Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter Mono Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter Stereo API 550A Mono API 550A Stereo API 550B Mono API 550B Stereo API 560 Mono API 560 Stereo API 2500 Stereo AudioTrack Mono AudioTrack Stereo Bass Rider Mono Bass Rider Stereo Axx Press Mono Axx Press Stereo Bass Pitcher Mono Bass Pitcher Stereo Buzz Mono Buzz Stereo C1-Comp Mono C1-Comp Stereo C1-Comp-Gate Mono C1-Comp-Gate Stereo C1-CompSideChain Mono C1-CompSideChain Stereo C1-DLA Mono C1-DLA Stereo C1-Gate Mono C1-Gate Stereo C-360 5 to 5 C-360 5.1 to 5.1 C4 Mono C4 Stereo C6 Mono C6 Stereo C6 SideChain Mono C6 SideChain Stereo Center Stereo Chorus M>S Chorus Mono Chorus Stereo CLA-2A Mono CLA-2A Stereo CLA-3A Mono CLA-3A Stereo CLA-76 Blacky Mono CLA-76 Blacky Stereo CLA-76 Bluey Mono CLA-76 Bluey Stereo CLA Bass M>S CLA Bass Stereo CLA Drums M>S CLA Drums Stereo CLA Effects M>S CLA Effects Stereo CLA Guitars M>S CLA Guitars Stereo CLA Unplugged M>S CLA Unplugged Stereo CLA Vocals M>S CLA Vocals Stereo Compressor Mono Compressor Stereo DeBreath Mono Delay M>S Delay Mono Delay Stereo Distortion Mono Distortion Stereo DLA Mono DLA Plus Mono DLA Plus Mono DLA Plus Stereo DLA Stereo DLA-X DLA-XL DLA-XLB Doppler M>S Doppler Stereo Dorrough Mono Dorrough Stereo Dorrough Surround 5.0 Dorrough Surround 5.1 Doubler 2 M>S Doubler 2 Mono Doubler 2 Stereo Doubler 4 M>S Doubler 4 Mono Doubler 4 Stereo Doubler M>S Doubler Mono Doubler Stereo Eddie Kramer Bass Channel Mono Eddie Kramer Bass Channel Stereo Eddie Kramer Drum Channel Mono Eddie Kramer Drum Channel Stereo Eddie Kramer Effects Channel M>S Eddie Kramer Effects Channel Stereo Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel M>S Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel Stereo Eddie Kramer Vocal Channel M>S Eddie Kramer Vocal Channel Stereo Enigma M>S Enigma Stereo EQ Mono EQ Stereo Flanger M>S Flanger Mono Flanger Stereo Fuzz Mono Fuzz Stereo Gate Mono Gate Stereo Gate/Comp Mono Gate/Comp Stereo GTR Amp Mono GTR Amp Dual Cab Mono GTR Amp Mono to Stereo GTR Amp Stereo H-Comp Mono H-Comp Stereo H-Delay Mono H-Delay M>S H-Delay Stereo H-EQ Mono H-EQ Stereo IDR360 IDR360 5ch IR-1 Efficient Stereo IR-1 Full Stereo IR-1 M>S IR-1 Mono IR-360 Efficient Discrete 5.1 to 5.1 IR-360 Efficient Discrete 5ch to 5ch IR-360 Efficient Stereo to 5 Channel Discrete Surround processor IR-360 Efficient Stereo to 5 Channel Sound Field IR-360 Full Stereo to 5 Channel Sound Field IR-360 Mono to 5 Channel Discrete Surround processor IR-360 Mono to 5 Channel Sound Field IR-360 Sound Field 5.1 to 5.1 IR-360 Sound Field 5ch to 5ch IR-L Efficient Stereo IR-L Full Stereo IR-L M>S IR-L Mono JJP Bass Stereo JJP Bass M>S JJP Bass Mono JJP Cymbals & Percussion Stereo JJP Cymbals & Percussion M>S JJP Drums Stereo JJP Drums M>S JJP Drums Mono JJP Guitars Stereo JJP Guitars M>S JJP Keys & Strings Stereo JJP Keys & Strings M>S JJP Vocals Stereo JJP Vocals M>S Kramer HLS Channel Stereo Kramer HLS Channel Mono Kramer Master Tape Stereo Kramer Master Tape Mono Kramer PIE Compressor Stereo Kramer PIE Compressor Mono L1 Ultramaximizer Stereo L1 Ultramaximizer Mono L2 Ultramaximizer Stereo L3 Multimaximizer Stereo L3 Ultramaximizer Stereo L3-16 Multimaximizer Stereo L3-LL Multimaximizer Stereo L3-LL Multimaximizer Mono L3-LL Ultramaximizer Stereo L3-LL Ultramaximizer Mono L-360 5 To 5 L-360 5.1 To 5.1 LayD M>S LayD Mono LayD Stereo LFE360 5.1 to 5.1 LFE360 Mono LinEQ Broadband Mono LinEQ Broadband Stereo LinEQ Lowband Mono LinEQ Lowband Stereo LinMB Mono LinMB Stereo LoAir Mono LoAir Stereo LoAir 5.0-to-5.1 LoAir 5.1-to-5.1 M-360 Manager 5 to 5 M-360 Manager 5 to 5.1 M-360 Manager 5.1 to 5.1 M-360 Mixdown 5 to 5 M-360 Mixdown 5.1 to 5.1 Maserati ACG M>S Maserati ACG Stereo Maserati B72 Mono Maserati B72 M>S Maserati B72 Stereo Maserati DRM Mono Maserati DRM Stereo Maserati GRP Mono Maserati GRP Stereo Maserati GTi M>S Maserati GTi Stereo Maserati HMX M>S Maserati HMX Stereo Maserati VX1 M>S Maserati VX1 StereoMaxxBass Mono MaxxBass Stereo MetaFlanger M>S MetaFlanger Mono MetaFlanger Stereo MondoMod M>S MondoMod Mono MondoMod Stereo Morphoder M>S Morphoder Mono Morphoder Stereo MV2 Mono MV2 Stereo MV360 5.0 to 5.0 MV360 5.1 to 5.1 OneKnob Brighter Mono OneKnob Brighter Stereo OneKnob Driver Mono OneKnob Driver Stereo OneKnob Filter Mono OneKnob Filter Stereo OneKnob Louder Mono OneKnob Louder Stereo OneKnob Phatter Mono OneKnob Phatter Stereo OneKnob Pressure Mono OneKnob Pressure Stereo OneKnob Wetter Mono OneKnob Wetter Stereo Octaver Mono Octaver Stereo Reverb Mono Reverb M>S Reverb StereoVolume Pedal Mono Volume Pedal Stereo OverDrive Mono OverDrive Stereo Panner M>S Panner Stereo PAZ - Analyzer Stereo PAZ - Frequency Mono PAZ - Frequency Stereo PAZ - Meters Mono PAZ - Meters Stereo PAZ - Position Stereo Phaser M>S Phaser Mono Phaser Stereo Pitcher Mono Pitcher Stereo PS22 Split M>S PS22 Split Stereo PS22 Spread M>S PS22 Spread Stereo PS22 Spread(10) M>S PS22 Spread(10) Stereo PS22 X-Split M>S PS22 X-Split Stereo PuigChild 660 Mono PuigChild 670 Stereo PuigTec EQP-1A Mono PuigTec EQP-1A Stereo PuigTec MEQ-5 Mono PuigTec MEQ-5 Stereo Q1 - Paragraphic EQ Mono Q1 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo Q2 - Paragraphic EQ Mono Q2 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo Q3 - Paragraphic EQ Mono Q3 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo Q4 - Paragraphic EQ Mono Q4 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo Q6 - Paragraphic EQ Mono Q6 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo Q8 - Paragraphic EQ Mono Q8 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo Q10 - Paragraphic EQ Mono Q10 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo Q-Capture Mono Q-Clone Mono Q-Clone Stereo R-360 5 to 5 R-360 Compact 5.1 to 5.1 R-360 Compact Mono to 5 R-360 Compact Mono to 5.1 R-360 Compact Stereo to 5 R-360 Compact Stereo to 5.1 R-360 Mono to 5 R-360 Mono to 5.1 R-360 Stereo to 5 R-360 Stereo to 5.1 RenAxx Mono RenAxx Stereo RenBass Mono RenBass Stereo RenChannel M>S RenChannel Mono RenChannel Stereo RenComp Mono RenComp Stereo RenDeEsser Mono RenDeEsser Stereo RenEQ-2 Mono RenEQ-2 Stereo RenEQ-4 Mono RenEQ-4 Stereo RenEQ-6 Mono RenEQ-4 Mono RenEQ-6 Stereo RenReverb Compact M>S RenReverb Compact Stereo RenReverb M>S RenReverb Stereo RenVox Mono RenVox Stereo RenReverb M>S RenReverb Mono RenReverb Stereo S1-Imager Stereo S-360 Imager Stereo to 5.1 S-360 Panner Mono to 5 S-360 Panner Mono to 5.1 S-360 Panner Stereo to 5 S-360 Panner Stereo to 5.1 SoundShifter Graphic Mono SoundShifter Graphic Stereo SoundShifter Parametric Mono SoundShifter Parametric Stereo SoundShifter Pitch Mono SoundShifter Pitch Stereo Spring M>S Spring Mono Spring Stereo Stomp2 M>S Stomp2 Mono Stomp2 Stereo Stomp4 M>S Stomp4 Mono Stomp4 Stereo Stomp6 M>S Stomp6 Mono Stomp6 Stereo SuperTap 2-Taps Mod M>S SuperTap 2-Taps Mod Mono SuperTap 2-Taps Mod Stereo SuperTap 6-Taps Mod M>S SuperTap 6-Taps Mod Mono SuperTap 6-Taps Mod Stereo SuperTap 6-Taps Mono SuperTap 6-Taps Stereo Tone Mono Tone Stereo TransX Multi Mono TransX Multi Stereo TransX Wide Mono TransX Wide Stereo TrueVerb M>S TrueVerb Mono TrueVerb Stereo Tuner Mono UltraPitch 3-Voice M>S UltraPitch 3-Voice Mono UltraPitch 3-Voice Stereo UltraPitch 6-Voice M>S UltraPitch 6-Voice Mono UltraPitch 6-Voice Stereo UltraPitch Shift M>S UltraPitch Shift Mono UltraPitch Shift Stereo UltraPitch-DLA Mono UltraPitch-DLA Stereo UM225 Stereo to 5.0 UM226 Stereo to 5.1 Vibrolo Mono Vibrolo Stereo Vocal Rider Mono Vocal Rider stereo Volume Pedal Mono Volume Pedal Stereo WahWah Mono WahWah Stereo Waves Tune Mono W43 Mono W43 stereo WNS Mono WNS stereo X-Click Mono X-Click Stereo X-Crackle Mono X-Crackle Stereo X-Hum Mono X-Hum Stereo X-Noise Mono X-Noise Stereo Z-Noise Mono Z-Noise Stereo FULL ANTARES SUITE: Auto-Tune 7 - The latest incarnation of the worldwide standard in professional pitch (and now time) correction. Featuring an extremely high quality (and incredibly easy to use) time manipulation system along with the second generation of Evo??? Voice Processing Technology and a host of new pitch correction features. For TDM (Mac & PC), RTAS (Mac & PC), VST (Mac & PC) and Audio Units. Auto-Tune Evo - The worldwide standard in affordable professional pitch correction. Automatic and Graphical Modes, Evo??? Voice Processing Technology. Sleek interface. Unbeatable price. For RTAS (Mac & PC), VST (Mac & PC) and Audio Units. Auto-Tune EFX 2 - The quickest, easiest, most affordable tool for real-time pitch correction and creating the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect. Now featuring Auto-Motion??? Vocal Pattern Generation. For RTAS (Mac & PC), VST (Mac & PC) and Audio Units. Mic Mod EFX - A modern incarnation of our legendary Microphone Modeler plug-in, Mic Mod EFX lets the microphones you own sound like the microphones you wish you owned. For RTAS (Mac & PC), VST (Mac & PC) and Audio Units. Note: Microphone manufacturer names and model designations are used solely to identify the microphones analyzed in the development of our digital models and do not in any way imply any association with or endorsement by any of the named manufacturers. Harmony EFX Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator - An incredibly affordable, easy-to-use tool for creating realistic (if you want it to be) vocal harmony, Harmony EFX is a streamlined version of Harmony Engine Evo, featuring the same core Evo-based harmony generating engine as its industry-leading big brother. Auto-Tune Vocal Studio Native and Auto-Tune Vocal Studio TDM - Bundles Auto-Tune 7 Native or TDM with the AVOX Evo Vocal Toolkit to provide everything you need for world class vocals. At a meaningful savings over purchasing them separately. AVOX Evo Antares Vocal Toolkit - The latest generation of the Antares vocal Toolkit, AVOX Evo opens up an entirely new world of vocal processing. Now featuring Antares' seriously evolved Evo??? Voice Processing Technology, AVOX Evo combines ten state-of-the-art vocal processing modules to give you the power you need to create stunning vocal tracks in any musical style as well as design unique vocal effects for audio post-production applications. AVOX Evo Plug-ins: Harmony Engine Evo ??? Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator ??? A real-time harmony generating plug-in that puts professional-quality harmony arrangements within reach of any songwriter, producer, musician or engineer. The quickest, easiest tool for creating realistic harmonies. MUTATOR Evo Extreme Voice Designer - MUTATOR Evo provides a combination of tools for creating unusual, weird, or downright wacky voices. With high-quality pitch shifting, throat modeling, pitch-tracking ring modulator-based ??+mutation,??+ and a mind-bending temp-synced Alienization function, MUTATOR Evo is the perfect tool for unique special vocal effects and post- production sound design. ARTICULATOR Evo Digital Talk Box - The alien offspring of a vocoder and a modern-day version of the venerable talk box, ARTICULATOR Evo lets a user extract the formant and amplitude information from a vocal (or other dynamic source) and apply it to any other audio track. Perfect for talking guitars, singing synths, and a wide range of special effects. WARM Tube Saturation Generator - Based on Antares??? legendary Tube plug- in, WARM warms up vocals with Antares' world-renown tube modeling technology, while being so processing-efficient that it can be used on every track in a project with negligible impact on CPU usage. ASPIRE Evo Aspiration Noise Processor - ASPIRE Evo is the world's first tool for modifying a voice's breathiness independently of its harmonic content. Whether reducing a bit of vocal rasp or adding a bit of smokiness, ASPIRE Evo allows modification of the amount and quality of a voice???s aspiration noise without otherwise affecting the vocal???s harmonic characteristics. THROAT Evo Physical Modeling Vocal Designer ???Process vocals through a meticulously crafted physical model of the human vocal tract, offering the possibility of vocal characteristics that are simply unattainable by any other means. Now with high-quality pitch shifting. DUO Evo Vocal Modeling Auto-Doubler ???Provides programmable variation in pitch, timing, vibrato depth, and timbral variation using a simplified version of THROAT Evo's vocal modeling technology. CHOIR Evo Vocal Multiplier ???A unique processor that actually turns a single voice into 4, 8, 16, or 32 distinct individual unison voices, each with its own pitch, timing and vibrato variations. PUNCH Evo Vocal Impact Enhancer ???Give your vocals more dynamic impact, allowing them to cut through a dense mix with clarity and power. Advanced dynamic processing that's incredibly easy-to-use. SYBIL Evo Variable Frequency De-Esser ??? Tame vocal sibilance with a flexible compressor with threshold, ratio, attack and decay controls as well as a variable high-pass frequency to match any vocal performance. And last but not least the Full Massey Suite.... Our Engineers are fully trained and fluent with all these tools and utilities. CALL OR TXT - HaTeRtainment
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