RF PCB designed in Altium Designer

by mmicronta

Shortwave receiver PCB PCB Close-up Populated board 3D

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About Me

I have been working in electronics for some 40 years and out of that designing PCB's for more than 20. I started with P-CAD in DOS. Switched to Protel (now Altium) in '99. Lately, it has been Altium Designer. I get to do something every day that is interesting, challenging, fulfilling, and rewarding. And sometimes silly. :-) I know both Multisim and LTSpice simulators very well. I met computers as a university freshman in the fall of 1982 and they have been my other love ever since. Since these long bygone times, there have been a plethora of electronics projects, both commercial and personal, some more successful than others but all equally rewarding and fun. I try to read through the assignments as carefully as possible and I only bid on what I realistically think I can deliver. I do what I talk about and talk about what I do. Now I am also SolidWorks certified. Hooray! For more information, visit my web page at [login to view URL] You can leave me a message there.

$25 USD/hr

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