bioreactor design and monitoring using arduino UNO

by mos3d
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Technical Specifications of the reactor\nThe reactor will count with 4 sensors (temperature, humidity, oxygen and CO2/Nitrogen.) Later we will add more\nsensors so take this into account.\nIf the temperature goes below 30 degrees celsius, the heating unit will turn on. When the temperature value is bigger\nthan 33 degrees celsius, the heating unit will turn off. The idea is to build a system capable of keeping the same temperature\nover long periods of time.\nWhen the value of oxygen goes below a fixed value, the pump will turn on and will open the valve for 5 seconds to\ninject an specific amount of oxygen to the reactor, then close the valve, and make a new measurement after 10 seconds.\nSame applies to the system for the other gases, nitrogen and spraying water.\nThe “gases-out” valve will open for 5 seconds when the value of CO2 will go above a fixed value, the valve then must close,\nand make another measurement after 10 seconds.\nJust after the pure oxygen is injected into the bi

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