Blues In Britain review - September 2009

by MuttleySE
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Lightnin' Willie & The Poorboys at The Famous Monday Blues, Oxford /

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I started freelance writing at 18, building a database of over 150 creative reviews on new electronic music releases, and outsourcing web forums. Within 6 months my first 1900 word article on a form of Electronica was published, in worldwide magazine ATM. As an approximate of my writing experience until now at age 26: I have had exceeding 150 creative, thought-through articles officially published, and have written for 12 sources external to my own. Everything I do is aimed transcendentally, and covers more than what I specialise in. I've studied Music and the Arts with the Open University successfully, and have read many books on sociology, psychology, music and what interlinks them. I am consequently an established music producer who goes under the name Foci's Left. I've collaborated with Simon Scott of Slowdive who worked with Brian Eno in the 1990s, my first three albums have received critical acclaim from reputable sources (Fluid Radio, Nightshift etc) and I am henceforth always looking for people to collaborate with from the Arts, whether it be getting the music ready for release, working on artwork, commissioning specialised press, or joint producing music together. I am very flexible with my work, can take criticism, push hard to deadlines, and ultimately do my best with whatever job. I won't do you wrong either.

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