by OlegKul
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2D casual game application. Genre: three in row Application features: Builded for iPhone, MacOSX, Windows For rendering using OpenGLES in iPhone, OpenGL for Windows, MacOSX Using OpenAL for playing music and sounds up to 6 channels Supported Ogg/Vorbis, WAV sound files, MP3 only in iPhone Supported Ogg/Theora video files, MPEG4 only in iPhone Supported TARGA(TGA), PNG, JPEG(JPG), JPEG2000(JP2) image formats Autoresize unsupported textures sizes Supported 2D text fonts Supported 2D TrueType fonts Simple text and binary format for storing 2D scenes Visual editor for 2D scenes Supported ZIP, LZMA compression for reading resource files Using particles for visual effects Supported vertical synchronization and up to 16x smothing in Windows and MacOSX

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