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by omairali89
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Customer complaints are a goldmine of information that can improve your business. CSM helps you learn from the feedback your customers provide.Quick Response to clientCheck & balance of Inventory And support. -Scope of Solution *Quick responce to a customer *Inventory check *Logs generation *Inventorty Listing *Phone book of resident -ONLINE PABX -User Management The system will be a multi-user system, with pre-defined roles and rights. Administrator can create users and assign them the pre-defined rights to access the system information i.e. Agents and Supervisors. -Call Disposition Call Disposition will be the part of Agent where Agent can dispose Call by adding data of customer. So if next time customer call it will automatically appear on the screen of Agent. -Automatic call distribution (ACD) -Multi IVR In this module Administrator will be able to create and manage multiple IVR on multiple campaigns -Call Recording

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