Altisource Auto Accept

by orderscout

The premiere auto accept solution for Altisource/Realtrans/Ocwen. Altisource has become extremely competitive in many areas and you do need a fastish PC and a good network. Do not expect to get results with a 10 year old laptop running Windows XP with 1GB of memory. Well some people do, but they are lucky to be in an area with little competition. Most of you have serious competition. Otherwise, why are you here? Depending on location - a trial may be available. You can be running a trial in a few minutes - and see the results for yourself. Worst case, you'll be up against someone running our software. You'll be in a fair fight, and you will need a decent system if you don't want to watch from the sidelines. Best case, the competition are not using our software, and then well, see for yourself.

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BPO and Appraisal auto accept solutions available: Academy Mortgage Appraisalport/Landsafe Altisource/Realtrans/Ocwen Clear Capital CoreLogic Lendervend Proteck RRReview (limited availability) AppraisalPort/TSI Valuation Partners and several more Email Automation - you need something to happen when an email arrives? We can make it so. IMAP / POP3. No spam thanks. Desktop Automation - automate any computer processing that needs to be repeated on a regular basis, save time, money and eliminate errors. Bespoke development - we can automate just about anything on the desktop

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