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Changing the world, one act of vandalism at a time.

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About Me

Hi my names Aiden and I'm a writer :) I'm not from Nigeria and I don't really care about the money. I just want to make the world dance. I am a mysterious vagrant wandering among the hollowed and desolate lands of Southern California. It is a difficult life indeed, trudging the war-torn path between Neiman Marcus and my local Starbucks.. I often must retreat to the confines of the beach where wayward sea lions and vulture like seagulls threaten my very existence and life here on earth. I don't like to work, so I sell my music, writing, architecture, plans for world domination and incredible wit and sarcasm in easily digestible pieces here on and other local DIY lifestyle websites. Of course none of them match the sheer elegance and brilliance of (Nudge nudge wink wink) You'll always be my one and only Freelancer. All those other sites just can't satisfy me like you can. You're the one I'm singing about in my songs, writing about in my poems, and cursing at in my suicide notes. I love you Freelancer. Sometimes I like to pretend I'm an astronaut (Or a lumberjack on Wednesdays.) Like most writers I have a cat. Except that he's been dead for 3 years and has now been replaced by a dog. His names pound-cake. He stares at me when I'm eating. Anyway enough about me. (Just kidding.) I can write blog things, books, in depth research articles, newsletters, letters to the editor, letters to congressmen, resignation letters, angry manifesto's, nuclear launch codes, peptide bond/gene sequencing configuration dynamics, bedtime stories, death threats to Danish cartoon artists, breakup letters/texts/Facebook postings (Artistic representation of breakup sequence is extra), sales letters, sarcastic profile representations, warning labels for chemically infused apple juice boxes.. Basically anything that requires little to no thought and or a quill, ink and paper. Anyway I'm available Mon-Fri and after bars close on weekends. Hit me up and let's dance.

$927 USD/hr