Poetry: The Corpse Its Heart

by ProHTML5WPExpert
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One of my poems was selected as one of the best poems in PoemHunter.Com (a Paris e-Magazine, France Paris Fax: 33 1 7772 3787) by their respectable judges (http://www.poemhunter.com/best-poems/incognito-soul/the-corpse-its-heart-soul/) (My nickname there is "incognito-soul": http://www.poemhunter.com/incognito-soul/biography/)

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Being an Interactive Web & Mobile Application Developer with considerable exposure on Web Design, Development & Multi-platform Application Development, I take every job as a challenge. My introduction to computing was through the logic of programming with an emphasis on math, but I then progressed to using Java for several applications outside lessons, including “Sokoban Game Development Using Java” – which is a visual 3D game (Tools Used: BlueJ, StarUML, JCreator, Eclipse, Netbeans, DrJava, GreenFoot etc.) Certifications: (1) Diploma in Basic English Grammar | ( Alison-dot-com, Ireland ) 2015 | Certificate Number: AC-633-896809 | Certificate URL : ( 94% marks) (2) Web Applications for Learning English | ( Alison-dot-com, Ireland ) 2015 | Certificate Number: AC-332-896809 | Certificate URL : ( 100% marks)

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