Tangent Finder

by ravenspoint

Calculate position of tangents - lines that touch a circle in just one spot.

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About Me

James Bremner has more than 30 years experience in software engineering. Since 2001 he has operated Raven's Point Consulting, quickly delivering fast and reliable windows desktop applications for clients all round the world. Recent projects have included: * Control and monitor hundreds of individual heaters and thermometers in the manufacturing of wind turbine blades. * Control the cameras used to webcast the deliberations of a state senate. During the 90's James worked for network equipment companies - six years at Newbridge and two years as Principal Software Engineer at Mosaid. He was the architect for a North America wide ATM network requiring 15 40G backbone switches. He designed and implemented a verification and configuration application for a 10G Ethernet switch on a single chip with half a million registers of 263 different kinds. He has patents in packet traffic management and digital signal processing. During the 80's James worked for medical device company Theratronics. He wrote a 3D graphics package ( like today's OpenGL ) which interfaced with a mathematical model of radiation transport in tissue to provide interactive treatment visualizations in 3 seconds on a PDP11. James developed and implemented software quality assurance methods, upgrading and verifying a legacy code-base ( 600,000 lines of FORTRAN and assembler ) to the most stringent FDA medical device level - a task which required the entire staff of about a dozen for two years. During the 70's James worked for mining companies in Britain, Africa and Canada. He designed the signal processing and real time control software of an airborne system to measure the depth of permafrost over vast areas ( used to correct the results of seismic exploration results ) and flew the calibration flights. He built a computer simulation of a Zambian electrochemical cobalt refinery to control and minimize the recirculating load and providing a saving a several millions of 70's dollars. ## Area of Expertise * Windows desktop applications coded in C++ * Database driven web applications coded in python ( web2py )

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