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mix,Midi,Postproduction and mastering

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About Me

Music production, Recording audio, Sound design, Mix, Mastering. Composer, Songwriter, Film music, Sound on movie. Biography: Marko finished elementary school and high school in Herceg Novi, where in the highschool freshman year he started showing interest in composing electronic music. In the year 2004, he started to do voluntary work at the radio station Herceg-Novi, which ultimately allowed his wish to work in the sound production industry come true. He enrolled in the “Academy of Arts”, the sound design course, and he then enrolled in the music production course in 2006, in Belgrade, when he finally started to work in that field professionally. He arranged and composed music for a large number of composers from the Balkans, and he has participated in the creation of student made documentaries, live-action and animated films, where he is credited as the composer, audio recorder and designer of sound.

$24 USD/hr