Palladium Books®

by rexbarkdoll
Palladium Books®

Palladium Books' website had been build in the 90's and was showing its age. Though it still conveyed information at lightening speed, it did not have the look, feel, or experience of a modern website. I worked with Palladium's team to customize a website to their needs. Their website now hosts extra features such as a newsletter, showcases, and site security.

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I'm a web designer and developer in the greater Denver Colorado area. I've been working with small businesses and individuals for more than 7 years to help them achieve success online. If you have a website, project, or need for a hard worker who will help you achieve your goals, I'm your man. Be sure to reach out. If I can't help you, I'll be up front and will point you in the best direction.

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