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by RoseyP
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The following is a short story written for inclusion in New Writers UK "Writers Telling Tales Vol. 2." It is an example of my style, passion for history and the environment, concern for each individual's experience, faith in cultural solutions to the dynamic of human need and fascination with teaching English.It addresses a wide audience to demonstrate the power of the written word to open enquiry into unsung heroism.Everyone has their story (the Desierata.) I am interested in finding lost voices as in Hues of Blackness: A Jamaican Saga where my charater, Amy, overcomes a stroke related speech impediment to claim ancestral lands. All around us are people of great courage and the measure of achievement is not just how far you reach but includes how far you are coming from. I also lead group poetry productions to bring positive expression and permanence to the outpourings of the disaffected youth: it is not by accident that Jamaican Patois is the universal la

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About Me

I am a an English languiage specialist who tutors, mentors and facilitates readers and writers in Nottingham of all ages and needs. I am a writer who uses dual nationality and dual heritage to celebrate the Jamaican culture at home and in the diaspora by writing marketing and presenting poetry and novels with Caribbean content. I also proofread an ghostwrite for students and writers whose first language is not English.

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