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Kintu Designs 1, Subham Row Houses, Nr. Pragatinagar, Bh. Piplod Vesu Jakat Naka, Piplod, Surat -395003, Gujarat, India Email: Phone: [removed] ( After 9:00 p.m) Mobile: [removed] Profile Skill Sets Web Development Technologies o Active Server Pages o XHTML and HTTP, DHTML, CSS, HTML o VBScript, o JavaScript o Perl CGI and PHP Application Design Methodologies o UML o Rational Rose Database Technologies o Microsoft SQL Server 2000 o ADO o OLEDB o My SQL on Linux o Oracle Application Server Technologies o Microsoft Transaction Server o Microsoft Message Queue Server o Web-Logic Application Server o Web-Sphere Application Server Component Technologies o Microsoft COM/DCOM/COM+ o JAVA Beans o Enterprise JAVA Beans .NET Technologies o .NET Commerce Sever, o .NET BizTalk o .NET Application Server Development Tool o Visual Basic 6.0 o Visual Interdev 6.0 o Rational Rose Studio o Visual Age, o SUN Forte o JDK, J2EE, J2ME, JSDK o Core Languages used C and C++ Networking and Securities o Corporate Mailing Solution, o Managing and Setting up of large content multiple server architecture Web Servers, o CISCO Products o Comprehensive knowledge of TCP/IP, IPV6, VPN, SSL, o SET Corporate Firewall Configuration, o Linux based Firewalls, FIX, CheckPoint, and Raptor Wireless Application Technologies o WAP (Wireless Application Protocol 1.2) WML/ WMLScript Software Our company uses following software in development process: Compilers: o Microsoft Visual C++ o Microsoft Visual J++ o Microsoft Visual Basic o Symantec VisualCafe o GNU C++ Assistant software: o NuMega BoundsChecker o NuMega SoftIce o Intel Vtune o ErWin o S-Designor Project management: o Microsoft Developer Studio o Microsoft SourceSafe RDBMSs: o Microsoft SQL o IBM DB2 o MySQL o Sybase o Interbase Design/Looks: o Adobe Photoshop o Adobe Image Styler o Macromedia Flash o Adobe Illustrator o Ulead Gif Animator Mocks/Demo : o FrontPage o Dream Weaver Help: o Microsoft Software Developer Network Technologies o Microsoft Win32 SDK Sometimes size of applications is critical, and in this case application is created using pure Win32 API. We have experience of creating light wrapper libraries (since Win32 is not object oriented), that have following advantages: • basically such library have very small size; • library have design, that allows you to add new capabilities without any difficulties; • since basic part of library contains small amount of code you can start application development very soon. We have specialists experienced in internal work of windows operating systems that performed development of complex application management software like Ascot container application. o Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000 and Windows NT DDKs we have experience in developing hardware drivers for Windows 95/98 (VXD), Windows NT (SYS) and Windows 2000 (WDM) operating systems. o Microsoft Shell API we have huge experience in using and extending Win32 shell (Explorer). • namespace extension, rooted and non-rooted namespaces, virtual folders and junction points in file system; • extension of file system items' context menus and property pages • drag-n-drop and clipboard handlers for copying and moving files • control panel applets o Microsoft Foundation Classes Our Company have developed numerous applications, using MFC libraries. Also we have great experience in extending MFC library. o ActiveX, Active Template Library We have experience in developing: • Web ActiveX controls • GUI ActiveX controls • ActiveX components, performing different jobs and communicating with servers. o ODBC, JDBC, DAO, OLE DB We have experience creating database applications and using various software for accessing databases - ODBC, OLE DB, DAO (for MFC applications), JDBC (for Java applications) and others. o DirectX o Java we have experience in java development - both applets, and server applications (that was used on Linux computer). o UNIX we have experience in creating server applications for UNIX platforms. o TCP/IP, Sockets We have created numerous applications, that was based on internet and have huge experience in usage of TCP/IP protocol, Sockets, working with proxies, matching new protocols (like SOCKS 4/5), and creating our own communication protocols based on socket connection or UDPs. Departments o Software Development Department This department is largest in our company. Nearly all software development projects are performed by experts from this department. This Department Includes Project Leaders, Software Analysts, Software Developers, and Software Engineers. Most of developers are Windows applications developers. Our programmers have experience in COM/DCOM, ActiveX and OLE technologies as well. The major tools used here are VB, C#, C++ Technologies, database like MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, MSDE and Access. Some of the senior people here have worked on older technologies like COBOL, Clipper, FoxPro, Pascal and FORTRAN. Our Project Leaders and Software Analysts have rich experience in software design, based on object technologies, and all workgroups adhere selected rules. Also our experts offer consulting services (creating pre-project documentation, architecture consulting, etc.) Since usually, there is more then one developer, working on one project, some version control system is to be used. We use Microsoft SourceSafe. o Internet Development Department This department is the youngest one in our company. It is involved in Internet development - now this direction has highest priority in our company. Our developers have wide experience - this department includes programmers with rich Unix experience and Win/MFC programmers. Our experts are native with wide range of modern Internet technologies: , C#, , XML WEBSERVICE USING SOAP, Java (incl. such parts as Java servlets, JDK 1.2, ORB, RMI, etc.), ASP, DHTML (JScript, VBScript), CGI (C, Perl), HTML. Our experts also have experience in network applications development, using different levels of network protocols (Win/Unix sockets, TCP/IP, etc.) We are working on , , C#, XML WEBSERVICE USING SOAP for our clients in US, UK, Italy (NAPOLI), Netherlands, Denmark. The maximal rate on Software Development Services now averages 19 USD/HR. In most cases we work under lower quotations (the exact price depends on many factors: complexity and the size of the project, required skills, and so on). The prices include full testing cycle the developed software by Software Testing department of our Company. o Web Design and Development Department Our company offers the clients the widest spectrum of services on development, maintenance and promotion of web sites. We have the talented command of the professionals, use the most advanced technologies and use the individual approach to problems of each client. Whatever your budget, we can create cost effective packages for successful presentation of your company in the Internet. The KINTU DESIGNS experts will help you from the very first Internet steps - we shall help you to register a domain name, we shall offer web-hosting services for your site, we shall create for you web site design and E-Store, we shall Submit Your Site in search engines and we shall develop for you the individual web site Promotion Program. If you need the custom-made software, we shall do also it. This site contains the detailed information concerning various aspects of our you have additional questions, we would be glad to advise you personally. Our contact information can be found at our page Contact Us – Team Members Rushikesh Patel (CEO) Project Management, SEO, Web Design & Development DIT – Diploma in IT Experience – 7.5+ Years Ankur Desai (Team Leader) Microsoft Technologies DCA – Diploma in Computers Experience – 4.5+ years Mitesh Solanki (Sr. Programmer) Microsoft Technologies & Java Technologies MCA – Master in Computer Applications Experience –4+ years Mehul Tailor (Sr. Programmer) Microsoft Technologies & Java Technologies MCA – Master in Computer Applications Experience –4+ years Harmesh Patel (Jr. Programmer) Microsoft Technologies & Java Technologies MCA – Master in Computer Applications Experience –2+ years Harsh Pandit (Jr. Programmer) Microsoft Technologies & Linux Technologies MCA – Master in Computer Applications Experience –1+ years Nishant Rajput (Sr. Designer) Arts and Designs Diploma in Computers Experience – 4+ years Nikin Dhimmar (Jr. Designer) Arts and Designs Diploma in Computers Experience –1+ years Amar Bardoliwala (Sr. Programmer) Linux Technologies MCA – Master in Computer Applications Experience –4+ years Tejas Mehta (Jr. Programmer) Linux Technologies BE – Information Technology Experience –2+ years Jignesh Sailor (Jr. Programmer) Linux Technologies MCA – Master in Computer Applications Experience –2+ years o Testing Department This department consists of QA engineers and testers. Employees of this department perform testing for all projects, being developed in company. Also they perform software testing for our customers. We always increase number of our employees - company growing results in increasing of testing and QA amount. Our employees are situated in different cities of Russia, but, due to skilful management, we don't feel any geographical remoteness of our employees. Experts of this department constantly improve existing methods of testing in order to increase efficiency and quality. Thus we provide our company with quality and quantity testing improvement. Range of software products, that we test is very wide - web sites and complicated online systems, hardware accelerators and drivers, CD software, internet applications (personal proxy, FTP utilities, etc.), shell namespace extensions, image processing applications, games, etc. o Content Development Department As Said by the Guru's that content is king, this department consists of Language experts and some good experienced writers who have expertise in writing for websites. If you have additional questions, we would be glad to advise you personally. Our contact information can be found at our page Contact Us – . Team: 9 Programmers (Linux and Microsoft Technologies – Php, .net, mysql, sql, asp, c#, oracle) 2 Designers (Graphic, Web and Flash Designers) Profile of KINTU DESIGNS Knowledgebase Management System Development Date: 2006 Tools: , C#, XML WEB SERVICES USING SOAP TECHNOLOGIES. Database: MYSQL Summary: A searchable knowledgebase of software and hardware FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). So that the administration can have access to all the things from his office. Client: ITALY (NAPOLI) (NORTH CARILONA) Development Date: 2006 Tools: , C#, XML WEB SERVICES USING SOAP TECHNOLOGIES. Database: SQL SERVER Summary: Maintainance and New projects Development for our Biggest Media Client in Northern US. JFmedia's diverse base of services enables us to bridge the gap between Internet technology and traditional advertising. With offices in both Newport, RI and Charlotte, NC, our client base ranges from as far west as Dallas, TX, up and down the East Coast, and overseas to the UK and Switzerland. Whether developing for Fortune 500 companies or Small to Medium Sized businesses, we produce highly effective results by offering energetic client services and developing creative designs, advertising campaigns and web sites that work. Client: USA Project List: 1. Ecommerce Website New Site to be live in June End. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. MeetingsPSNC 10. SSL renewing 11. 12. scanbusiness 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Corporate Website Development Date: 2006 Tools: php. Database: MYSQL Summary: A Content Management System for corporate bathroom accessories selling company largest in Netherlands. Client: Netherlands Link Building Project for Development Date: 2006 Tools: SEO Database: - Summary: We are specifically working on Achieving the target of PR 5 to make this website successful for the Google, Yahoo and MSN ranking. Client: Denmark Multiple Sport Club Management System Development Date: 2002-2003 Tools: Database: SQL Server 2000 Summary: This system allows the all the individual clubs to enter the day to day activities online, so that the administration can have access to all the things from his office. Client: USA Multi Property Management System Development Date: 2002-2003 Tools: Database: SQL Server 2000 Summary: This system enables all different hotels of a hotel management company to enter all the daily details in each hotel. This further is reviewed by the Administration Office of the Management Companies. Client: USA Online Quote Management Motel Supplies Development Date: 2002 Note: This site is in Beta stage and the Launching date of this site is 15th Feb 2003 Tools: ASP Database: Sql 2000 Summary: This online software enables the client to enter all the supplies details in the system and his clients can view the details and order the motel supplies online. Client: USA Project Tracking and Employee Management System Development Date: 2000-2001 Tools: JSP Database: Sql 2000 Features: This system works on intranet and tracks each employee’s time sheet. It also takes care of what work they do, on what project and intelligent reports to do performance appraisal. Online Training and Presentation Software Development Date: 2002 Tools: C# Database: Sql 2000 Features: This system allows the broadcasting of live presentation in forms of Chat, Video, and PowerPoint presentation. There is one presenter and unlimited users who can take the training anywhere in the world Online Individual Website site statistics Development Date: 2002 Tools: JSP Database: MySql Features: This system tracks the website logs and generates many different reports to help the website of the website to systematic research of the website and its users. PROJECTS DESIGNED 1. (Logo Also Designed) NEW 2. (Logo Also Designed) NEW 3. NEW 4. (Logo Also Designed) NEW 5. (Ecommerce Website with Full Business Model) NEW 6. (Ecommerce Website with Full Business Model) NEW 7. (Logo Also Designed) NEW 8. (Full Package) Website NEW 9. (Full Package) NEW 10. (Full Package) 11. (Logo Also Designed) 12. (Logos Also Designed) 13. 14. (NEW) 15. (NEW) 16. 17. (City Portal) 18. (Logos Also Designed) 19. (Logo Also Designed) 20. 21. 22. 23. (Logo Also Designed) 24. (New) 25. (New) 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. (URL Expired) 34. 35. 36. 37. (Contract Repairing Project) 38. 39. 40. (URL Expired) 41. 42. (Logos Also Designed) Many other Big projects which will be online 43. (Logos Also Designed) 44. (Logos Also Designed) 45. (Logos Also Designed) 46. 47. 48. (Shopping Cart) 49. 50. 51. My key responsibilities were to maintain the graphics for Software ASI Front Desk (Motel Front Desk Software) and INet Presenter (Training, Presenting and Meeting Software) - Logos - Icons - Design Layout for Software - CD Labels - Brochures In 5 years and 6 months of IT experience KINTU DESIGNS worked on around 30+ live projects. Since last 4 years and 6 months KINTU DESIGNS had been involve in IT. My Primary areas of expertise are Search Engine Optimization, Photoshop, Html, Flash, VB Scripts, Java Scripts, Style sheets (.CSS). KINTU DESIGNS developed Static websites, Icons, Windows applications GUI Layouts, Dynamic Website Layout Designs, Visiting Cards, CD Labels, and Brochures. Kintu Designs had been extensively working as a Sr. Web Designer, Content Copywriter, Graphics Designer, and Web Development. I am key member of the Web application development team & Software Development team and have good exposure on GUI, Static Website Layouts, & Dynamic Website code merging. Search Engine Optimization We have some basics steps and techniques for the Search Engine Optimization which we have acquired and optimized for my company as Search Engine Expert. You can see the live results which are hard work of last 1 or more year. We ranked #1 Google and Yahoo for the important keyword "hotel Software" which is the area of specialization from last four year. We have Hotel Software which is installed and used in low rate hotel motels to 5 star hotels all over 40 countries around the world. We have developed and maintained our business from last 4 years through Google and Yahoo, no other marketing. The steps are as below: 1. Identifying Your Competition 2. Link Tracking: locating the links TO a URL 3. Search Engine Popularity 4. Identifying Right Keywords 5. Combining the keywords based upon frequency of use 6. Adding keywords to the Website Content 7. Tuning the Keyword List 8. Submitting to each major search engine 9. Checking Search Engine Placement 10. We Start Again - this never ends! 11. Number of Words Used in Search Phrases 12. When People Search - Traffic Analaysis 13. Reporting Advertisings Campaigns 1. Worked on the Advertising Campaigns for CA, USA for Asian Hospitality Magazine Advertisements, Brochure Designing, CD Label Designing, Visiting Cards, Paper Leaflets, and Logo Designing etc… 2. Worked on the Advertising Campaigns for Lodgetel Inc, CA, USA for AAHOA Seminar Advertisements, Brochure Designing, CD Label Designing, Visiting Cards, Paper Leaflets, and Logo Designing etc… 3. Worked on the Advertising Campaigns for Aarogan Consulting Pte Ltd. (Marina Inn Plaza, Thailand) Advertisements, Brochure Designing, CD Label Designing, Visiting Cards, Paper Leaflets, and Logo Designing etc… OFFICE DETAILS: [removed] E-mail Address: , , , Contact No : [removed] (Off) [removed] (RESD) After 12:00pm to 9:30 IST. [removed] (Mobile). Chat Id Yahoo: [removed] Hotmail: [removed] Gtalk: [removed] Skype: [removed]
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