Cortatian Wicca and Self-Empowerment

by saurajohnston
Cortatian Wicca and Self-Empowerment

"Feel the fierceness of my joy! Know, with the careful enunciation of my words, that I am alive. I am joy, incarnate. I am the quintessential living being. I am your fondest feeling. Identify and capture me, and when I am caught, keep me and cherish me to the end of your days." "Thou art God, and within you is the living spark, the divine magick that makes all things possible through your will and deeds. Your strength is a seamless ocean, joined with all that is life, and you are one with life, one with God, so that your will shapes the universe to your making, and your dreams are grown from the sustenance of the seas of all that is life."

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