by Shadebow

I turned Popeye the Sailor Man into Popeye the Sailor Yam in this piece, which was created from a hand-drawn picture of my own creation, then colored and cleaned up using the freeware application I have turned this into a t-shirt (it doesn't have the blue background on the shirt, but it's necessary to have the blue there to make the image transfer correctly online), and I've received many compliments on it. No matter how small I make it, the image seems to squish in the above view, so I am willing to email a copy of the image upon request and approval by

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About Me

I am a recent graduate from the DeVry University Game and Simulation Programming Bachelor's Degree program (Magna Cum Laud). I am looking for a project (or 2 or 3....) to work on so I can get out into the field. I have been creating my own hand-drawn artwork for the past 33 years, and I've transferred that talent into the computer environment (currently working on 2 independent projects doing game graphics). I would be glad to show you some of my current work, upon request.