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When it comes to developing dynamic websites, there are a variety of options available to every web design company. Some companies choose to use their own in-house software to create websites; however this limits their compatibility with other systems and also dramatically impacts their website's longevity. Here at Studio Design we prefer to develop our dynamic websites with PHP, MySQL and Open Source platforms like Joomla and the other open source solutions. We've chosen to use Open Source solutions for one very important reason - they are the most cost-effective web development strategy around today, which means that you, as the customer, pay less for an established, powerful system. It also means that we do not hold the rights to your website - the rights to the design, development and coding belong to you. Should you wish to leave to another provider, you are free to migrate your website in its entirety. We at Studio Design believe in providing more than one solution to our clients and allow them to decide which direction they want to go. This is why we don't insist on contracts, and believe in our services enough to ensure our clients receive the most for their money.

$10 USD/hr