PHP Wrapper for API

by usacyborg
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I authored the bulk of the PHP wrapper for the Shared Learning Collaborative Data Store API ( Source Code URL:

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About Me

Worked with code for many years. United States citizen and English is my native language. General Areas ------------------ * Accounting, Invoicing, Payments, Payroll * API and Cloud Service Integration * Business Management * CRM * Data Analysis and Collection * Database administration and design * ERP * Form Processes * Messaging Systems * Mobile App Integration * Software solution design, debugging, and testing Technical Areas ------------------ * Android Apps * Apache * AJAX * APIs (Amazon, AWeber, Facebook, Google, Groupon, LinkedIn, MaxMind, Yahoo! and others) * Browser Extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari) * CSS * Facebook Apps * Google Apps Scripts * Greasemonkey Scripts * HTML 5 * JavaScript, jQuery * MySQL, SQLite * Payment Gateways (2CO, Clickbank, PayPal, PSiGate, and others) * Perl * PHP * Visual Basic .NET * WordPress * XML

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