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Venkatraman Lakshminarayanan Flat No. 2, "INDIRA" Apartments, New No. 8, 4th Avenue, Indira Nagar, Adyar Chennai 600 020 Phone: (91)-(44)-24415975 Email: URL: [login to view URL] OBJECTIVE To offer professional consulting services in the areas of * Software design and architecture * Software development * Software Engineering/Quality Assurance (QA) SUMMARY Several years of experience in software development and management of several demanding projects in key technology areas; Expertise in areas of * UNIX systems programming * SCSI device drivers on Unix Systems * Internet programming using Java technologies (on both client and server sides) SKILLS Languages: C, C++, Objective C, Java Systems: SunOS 4.x, Solaris 2.x (SPARRC & x86), SGI IRIX Tools: make, perl, php, sccs, dbx, adb, kadb, ksh, emacs, ant, Perforce, CVS Other: J2SE, J2EE, J2ME, JFC (Swing), JavaBeans, RMI, XML, JavaIDL (CORBA), JDBC, EJB, Servlets, JSP, Struts WORK EXPERIENCE Software Consultant and Freelancer Client: Cybernet Software Systems, Inc. (CSS) Duration: April 2002 - present Providing consulting services to several key projects of CSS, by way of participation and support in Technical design and architecture, product conceptualization, software modules' design and code development, documentation etc. Specific tasks include: * Porting of CSS client's Enterprise Project Management and Collaboration software tool, onto Solaris platform * This involved porting of the existing application (that runs on Linux) onto Solaris; as a consultant, provided inputs on key Solaris specific issues and provided appropriate solutions; specifically provided solutions in the areas of PAM, LDAP, nscd, cron related modules; also helped out on packaging issues, install and un-install scripts; provided technical advice regarding perl modules, daemons and OS run level scripts, setting up runtime library path etc. * Participation in technical review meeting with the client personnel; presented and discussed architecture of prospective J2EE based future releases; provided technical inputs on the rationale for the design and presented pros and cons. * Enhancement of CSS IntelliView product's capability This involves design and development of a software module for IntelliView that would provide the ability to export IntelliView data into a leading Spreadsheet file format, in a native manner; designed an extensible solution by using XML and related technologies; this module can create native Spreadsheet files with support for text, numbers, formulae (basic and advanced in various reference styles); support for additional features such as embedded images and charts; this module has been integrated as a middleware component into IntelliView's server-side software. * Design and development of next generation of IntelliView server side components; this involved design of JSP, Servlet pages and other components including, parsing of XML data as SAX and DOM objects and serialization of the same; also, worked on enhancing the multi-threaded IntelliView Server Engine, which can read and write the proprietary XML data format. * Design and code development for the enhanced release of the client's Task Dependency Browser; this is a Java Swing based GUI tool, that allows for managing and tracking Projects - tasks, schedules, resource allocation etc. It is a homegrown Project Management tool, on similar lines of MS Project and would support displaying project timelines (with details on resource names, milestones, slippages etc.) and generating Gantt charts etc. * Software design, architecture and development of key modules for another CSS client. The work involves development of * server side web components - JSP, servlet and Java classes using the Struts Framework * SAX and DOM parsers and serialization for XML data, along with validation using Schema files * XML schema files for validating XML files * perl scripts for parsing XML files and collecting regular expressions (regex) and inserting them into schema files, from within GNU makefiles * ANT scripts for automatic build generation * core components using Java core classes and techniques, such as threads and synchronization, [login to view URL], [login to view URL], [login to view URL] packages and client's API etc. * JUNIT based test suites Software Consultant and Freelancer Client: Focus Infotech Duration: September 2003 - October 2003 * Designed the software architecture for Focus Infotech's client; the project involved designing an enterprise Vehicle Safety Management System - it would use proprietary hardware for detecting key vehicle parameters and relay the same to a central application server. Used J2EE as the key technology for the System and designed the software architecture - which would use an n-tier architecture - database connectivity using JDBC for the data layer, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB's) (session, entity and Message Driven beans) for the business layer, UI components (JSP's, servlets and Struts Framework) for the presentation layer * Created Use Cases, Sequence diagrams, Collaboration diagrams and Class diagrams as per the Unified Modeling Language (UML) standard; used Rational Rose as the modeling tool for creating these diagrams and also generated Java code for the various classes; later enhanced the generated code by adding further code snippets and comments; handed over the design to the implementation team Software Consultant and Freelancer Client: SIP Technology and Exports Ltd., (Siptech) Duration: April 2003 - present Providing consulting services to several key projects of Siptech. Specific tasks include: * Developing porting skill sets by means of porting of Open Source applications from the Linux platform onto Solaris x86 platform. Some of the ported applications include: * UPS - A source level C, C++ and Fortran debugger * WINE - An open Source implementation of the MS Windows API * TWIN - Native platform libraries and an emulator program to emulate the Microsoft Win32 API * FlightGear - An Open-source flight simulator * Development of Games and demo applications using the J2ME technologies such as the MIDP, CLDC profiles etc. * Design and development of internal projects to develop track record in the areas of JNI (Java Native Interface) programming; developed a Generic packager tool on Solaris x86 machines for reading and writing RedHat Linux packager format (RPM) using the RPM libraries and JNI * Design and development of LDAP adapters for J2EE compliant application servers by means of the JCA (Java Connector Architecture) technology Senior Program Manager - Pervasive Computing, SIP Technology and Exports Ltd., Chennai, India April 2001 - March 2002 Management of key projects and highly focused teams of developers, in the area of Pervasive Computing - which covers the area of Mobile & Wireless, Embedded Systems and Smart Devices. Job role involves conceptualization, design and development of solutions, which would either mature into full-fledged products or provide critical value addition to clients' products. Key tasks include downloading, analyzing and interpreting technologies, research on capabilities offered by competing players/products and analysis of the same; creation of white papers, evaluation reports, prototypes and demos; creation of Software Requirement Specification documents, Technical Design documents with Use Case and class diagrams, Flow charts, User interface designs etc.; adherence and conformance to company's Quality Assurance initiatives and associated processes A sample of such key projects that utilized Java technology areas on both the Server side and the Client side and some Database related API's include: * Development of SNMP stack for the TINI system. * Porting of Zaplet Appmail Client on a CLDC enabled Palm. * Evaluation of the IP TelePhony area and development of powerful Chat and HRIS demos on PingTel XPressa IP Telephone environment. * Evaluation of J2ME, CDC and CLDC technologies and development of prototypes/demos using Kada VM, Jeode JVM etc., * Evaluation of OpenWave Wireless/Mobile SDK and porting of Zaplet Appmail Client on a Mobile Phone simulator. * Evaluation of JXTA (P2P technology) and development of Chat and File Sharing demos. * Evaluation and development of Security applications on devices such as DiskOnKey. Technical Manager, SIP Technology and Exports Ltd., Chennai, India July 1999 - March 2001 Management of more than 25 software developers in 8+ projects for Java Software division of Sun Microsystems, Inc. USA, all in the areas of Java technology. Job function involves preparation and tracking of project plans, schedules and milestones; providing technical direction in design, development, training and programming guidance to developers; also involves hands-on development of critical and complex code of the project; performing complete project and people management. Projects involve development of typical test suites (API coverage, functional, stress and regression), Java Compatibility Kits (JCK) which is a collection of test suites developed for testing a particular Java API based on the API Specification and Sun Reference implementation. Sun uses these JCKs to enforce clean room implementation by licensees to realize the "Write Once, Run Anywhere" paradigm of Java. Projects involve development of, * JCK tests for Java2d API ([login to view URL], [login to view URL], * [login to view URL] and [login to view URL]) and JavaIDL API ([login to view URL]) * TCK (Technology Compatibility kits) for Java Security Network (JSN) * APIs - Java Authentication and Authorization (JAAS), Java Secure Socket * Extension (JSSE) and Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) * Product tests (API coverage, functional etc.) for Java tools (java, * javac, javah, jar, javadoc, javap, javax and appletviewer), Java * Debugger Interface (JDI), JarIndex, [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] packages * JDK Compatibility lab - execution of several test suites on a dozen * machines, each sporting several configs derived from combinations of OS * (Win95, Win98, WinNT, Win2000, Linux and Solaris), service packs and * kinds of browsers, in a 56 config matrix; compiling logs, filing, * tracking and verifying bugs. * Product tests and Spec file to be used with JavaCheck tool for the * Personal Java 1.2 Application Environment (PJAE) of the Java 2 Micro * Edition (J2ME) * Product tests for the Java Blend product Other projects that involve product/solution development such as, * Human Resources Information System (HRIS), PayRoll and e-discussion: all projects use a 3-tier architecture with the middle tier using a Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) based Application server and Leveraging several Java technologies like EJB, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JavaMail, XML, Swing, JNDI etc. * Porting of a client's middleware based, email platform, work involved porting the platform on WebLogic appserver onto Sun' J2EE reference implementation and Iona App Server (IPAS).This involves, automatic conversion of Oracle PLSQL procedures to equivalent Cloudscape Java programs, using a parser based on the JavaCC tool; creation and modification of jsp files and servlet code. Member Technical Staff, Software, Sun Microsystems, Inc., CA August 1996 - April 1999 Design of Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) support in SunCluster product for the Sun Ultra Enterprise 10000 Server hardware (Sun StarFire). This involved developing new and enhancing existing interfaces to the Cluster Membership Monitor (CMM), which is the key framework program that coordinates and orchestrates cluster-wide reconfiguration in achieving High Availability (HA). Extensively used Solaris Multi-threading (MT) primitives - mutex locks, condition variables etc. in synchronizing the several threads within this real-time (RT) process. Developed Java based Cluster Monitor Client API to work within the Sun Enterprise System Monitoring (SyMON) framework. This provides an industry standard, SNMP based System Management tool for the SunCluster. As the project lead, directed and developed Java based Cluster Console tool, which provides multiple window access to the consoles of multiple hosts from within a single Command Input Window; the tool also features a sophisticated data engine for filtering and processing command outputs from the several hosts to present a unified and customizable output in the Command Output Window; Used Java AWT and JMAPI's AVM to implement highly intuitive GUI with multi-color filter chains, multi-color/multi-font Output Window etc. Led the development of the SunCluster HA Internet Pro, a Highly Available (HA) version of Netscape Web, News and Mail servers; developed the required data service methods that will be invoked by the Cluster HA framework during the various states of the services; coordinated and managed other members of the team in the areas of installation, packaging and documentation of the project. Served as the technical lead for developing the Cluster SNMP agent; defined and created the Cluster Management Information Base (MIB); developed a super monitor agent to acquire data from individual monitor agents running on several cluster nodes and to present a comprehensive cluster-view of the same; the SNMP agent would also generate Enterprise SNMP traps for critical cluster events. Software Engineer, AvniSoft Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA Jan 1995 - July 1996 Developed an X/Motif GUI software for configuring Sun SPARCStorage Arrays as bootable devices in the SPARCCluster environment. Enhanced the X/Motif based Cluster Monitor software (client) and other cluster administration tools; also enhanced functionality of the monitor daemon (server) to support the new sun4u architecture based UltraSPARC family of servers. Designed and implemented printing suite for the Solaris Migration Product. This involved development and integration of Sun Printer Products' SUNprint software and SunSoft's Lplite software. The printing software provided a flexible yet powerful printing mechanism to read printer information from system files and also from name servers like the NIS and NIS+. The print jobs were spooled directly to the remote print server, thereby decreasing the usage of CPU resources on the print client. As project lead, directed and coordinated the testing, packaging and documentation. Developed printing functionality for SunSoft's OpenStep project. This involved developing print classes and methods in Objective C and also integrating the SUNprint libraries into the OpenStep environment. Software Engineer, Focus Graphics Inc., Foster City, CA Oct 1992 - Nov 1994 As the technical project lead, developed SCSI device drivers on Solaris 2.3, SunOS 4.1.x, SGI IRIX for the Focus Graphics' Digital Film Recorder (DFR). For the Solaris platform, used Sun DDI/DDK and Sun Common SCSI Architecture (SCSA). Developed Sun NeWSprint drivers, model files, PS prolog and configuration files on SunOS 4.1.x for the DFR and the ImagePrinter to output PostScript files. Developed SGI Impressario drivers, GUI front-ends, model and configuration files for the SGI IRIX 4.0.5x and IRIX 5.x systems, to output PostScript files on the DFR. Developed SCSI device drivers for Kodak XLS8300 Color Dye-sublimation printer , Mitsubishi S3600 Color printer and the EFI Fiery Color servers on Sun and SGI systems. Developed customized drivers to support printing of proprietary image files of medical OEMs like Toshiba, GE, Siemens, ADAC and SOPHA, on the Focus DFR and printers. Developed an Ethernet driver for the Helios 810 Laser Imager for printing medical image files from Sun and SGI systems. Research Assistant, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL Aug 1990 - Aug 1992 Developed TFTP client and server software for file transfer. This software was GUI (X/Motif) based and was implemented over TCP/IP using BSD sockets. For a term project, implemented Teitelman's algorithm in C on a SGI system, for recognizing varying sizes of hand-written characters. Engineer, Centre for Development of Telematics (CDOT), Bangalore, India Jan 1990 - July 1990 Along with another member of the group, worked on the design of Digital Trunk Service (DTS) card for the 128 port Rural Automatic Exchange (RAX) system. Engineer Trainee, TVS Electronics Ltd., Tumkur, India June 1989 - Dec 1989 As a member of the Customer Quality Engineering group, interfaced with the R&D personnel in tracking and resolving design failures in the Computer peripheral products - LAN, modem and FAX cards. EDUCATION * MSEE, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL GPA: 4.0/4.0 Thesis: 3D Surface Rendering and Complete Disparity Mapping from Binocular Stereo Images. * BSEE, Regional Engineering College, Trichy, India 80% with First Class Honors
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