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by welldonewisher
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[![License](]( # Siteprogrammer [![N|Solid](]( The aim is to build a tiny application that reads the top 1 million sites available as a csv file, look up technology stacks used to implement each AND Finally store them to local DB. - One possibility is to use wappalyzer - Else write a web scraping program otherwise # New Features! - None > The overriding design goal I have is to > make it happen, agnostic of the programming ### Tech Siteprogrammer uses a number of open source projects to work properly: * [Java] - version 1.8, as we all know the mostly widely used one! * [Spring Boot] - An expert's choice for standalone production read Java apps * [Spring Batch] - Create lightweight Spring based batch apps. v.3.0.5. Written in JavaConfig, no XML spag

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I have 14 years in software development,. I have worked as contractor for LexisNexis, General Motors, Chrysler Financial, Ford Motors, Access Commerce, Western Union, Cisco, American Express. This work is more satisfactory. If you want to utilize me, we can benefit. ***IAM ALL HANDS ON AND NOT A MANAGING PERSON*** CURRENTLY REPLICATING (th3h0meL1k3(.)COM) into Angularjs, very complex. r1ghtatt1tude0fc0de(.)wordpre$$(.)C0M

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