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    Java application 6 days left

    ...the specific specifications as given in this exam. 2. Use proper statement indentation and meaningful variable names in the code. (2 points) 3. Place a multi-line Javadoc comment (not multiple single line comments) giving a description of what this application does before the class header. Include your name and the date: (2 points) 4. Output spacing

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    ...required for online retail clothing industry like : - Catalog Management (Categories,Brands,Products) - Content Management (Content Pages,Navigation, customer Review Management,Comment management) - Customer Management (Customer details,Customer accounts) - Order Management - Discount & Promotion Management - SEO Management - Multi Country selection

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    ...the text "406-363-5140" contact_name --> data located "Dispatcher" column, add the text "Dispatcher" before the data in the column tarp_required --> leave blank comment --> data located in the "Load Comments" column, if "Load Comments" column contains the word "van" add the text "van" ...

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    ...Personal Trainer) - Possibility to follow other basic users or personal trainers - All user will be able to post images/video as Facebook for example - Other people can Like, comment or share other people's post - The main page of the app will be the wall where there will be people's post that you follow - Chat between users Basic user and Personal trainer

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    ...used in every transaction -- user can create a comment that has time/date stamp -- user can upload text and video files with timestamp -- system does a diff on the last version of any text files with same name -- user can stream any video in their "project" -- when video is stopped, user can add a comment that references that video at that frames in

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    ...[login to view URL] · smtp configuration is not working so please configure the smtp and fix the issue. · FB connect showing error, please solve it. · comment section under video player should be visible like porn hub. please do necessary html and css changes. · Video should added into multiple category · ad ma...

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    Description: Simple website of perhaps 4 sections. All videos and comments related. ...that will take you to trumps twitter page) * Profile - to be discussed Each video to have: Comment section, Likes, Dislikes, Views Can you create comments that get deleted after a certain period of time? For example after 24hrs a comment gets deleted.

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    ...result 1. Stored Procedure for creation of all the tables in the XML documents, this stored procedure will use a document explaining the datatypes and use the description like comment in the script creation. 2. Stored Procedure for extract the XML document in differents tables. The stored procedure will use a XML document to fill the data to all the tables

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    Hello, we are looking for LONG time cooperation enigma2 plugin developer... please NO ANY COMMENT, JUST tell us what plugin are u builded under engima2 .. and for example OpenATV... we are looking for skilled programmer under enigma2 platform...... more info in chat thank you

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    ...price. We already have code the web service but our programmer left the company, now we have the problem of maintenance or keep the code up to date, also, the clients have comment in having a problem, after some consultation through their own web page, they come up with the error "Maximum number of concurrent connections exceeded. Please try again later"

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    integrate forala rte with wiris math type The sample froala editor that attached is a static Html page. Our project is developed in As...kindly provide me complete micro project with both froala editor and WIRIS Math equations as a aspx web control. Note : code must to be clear and full documented and write comment on every thing thank you

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    Build a website 5 days left

    School website with database and report card potal, teacher and student registration potal , parent comment page, and also examination result potal.

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    Hello We have a need for 20 Instagram Accounts to be grown and managed. We will submit the account information and niche, it will be your job to Follow, LIke and comment on relevant posts and accounts - view stories and interact with followers. This will be ongoing work, Please submit hourly rate - There is 40 hours a week available.

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    Matric Ball -- 2 5 days left

    ...progress on the making of the design and also the dress/suite itself on the app. Designer should place photos of the design and photos of the dress on the app. Student can then comment on the progress and give the designer a star rating. There should be a timeline and designer u put how long it will take to make the dress/suite. It shall then force the designer

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    Good Morning Someone comments on your Facebook post and receives a comment directly. (not in inbox I already know how to do this with Manychat I want an automatic answer in comment) I saw this on several Facebook page If you have the solution we work together

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    Write a Law advice 5 days left
    VERIFIED her’ and that ‘Betty probably looked good in her ‘birthday suit’ too if he had the chance to look’. Betty appeared confused; the other staff members who overheard the comment laughed and told the staff member to ‘keep on working’ his pick-up lines. During the evening, a staff member of VBH, Stormy, asked Sandy if she had decided about wheth...

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    ...the template 2b. We'll use a custom functionality for this, so you can just hard-code "Test" as the default value for now 3) Finally, the value needs to be saved as an Order comment. Use the out-of-the-box functionality of M2 that allows to add comments to Orders from the Admin Notes: - We don't have a repository yet. You can just work on a clean Magento

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    ...different. Also the icons and emojis. Otherwise the same. App should be able to display average choice of users of emojis and icons. There would be the option to like, comment on, share and report video clips. There would be the option to follow a specific key word or a user. There would be a signup functionality, name, email, mobile number,

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    We are looking for someone who can do research and develop cryptocurrency trading software for Binance, Bittrex, CoinbasePro....Bittrex, CoinbasePro. Check this sample video => [login to view URL] After checking the complete video and if you feel comfortable to comment below (120) I'll reply who write (120)

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    Digital library with ionic. 4 days left

    ...Requirement: * users can login/register. * view free books. * buy access to paid books ( Google Play and Apple Payments). * nice way to view books pages * users can add bookmarks, comment and draw on pages * secure the books, no one can access or steal them. * also I need an admin pages to handle the books (upload, price, etc.). * Prefer Using Firebase * NDA

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    ...this link: [login to view URL] the update version, will has login/signup/forgot password/account activation/comment like/comment dislike/comment report as spam/comment reply/seeing comment reply list/admin side login/admin side to see comment added by user to reject or approve/same for professors, majors,feedback,and university. / arabic version and

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    Optimize site for speed 4 days left

    We need to get our page speed down to 3s. Apply only if you have a track record of optimizing website (15 minimum). Comment ✓ if you read this. If you don't comment your application will be rejected.

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    ...notifications that there are new posts Users: They can follow pages or create them User profiles: Profile picture, nickname, country You can create an account with Facebook. You can comment, share posts from pages that follow Page Administrators They can delete and publish content on their pages and as well as manage the content of these. Manage followers (delete

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    android project 4 days left the update version, will has login/signup/forgot password/account activation/comment like/comment dislike/comment report as spam/comment reply/seeing comment reply list/admin side login/admin side to see comment added by user to reject or approve/same for professors, majors,feedback,and university. / arabic versi...

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    E Learning App 4 days left

    I need a simple Android app. I would like it designed and built. Features Admin Can add topics subtopics in a tree structure unlimited levels upload c...content video audio and text to topics Users can register via phone number and email click on topic/subtopic can play listed video audio files can read test content can comment under the topic

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    Edit an exisiting native app 4 days left

    ...communication because its the key for me in app modification, we need to be able to communicate all the time, if you are not someone that respond fast to my request do not event comment here. The app is a free app for user to use that go get price of collectable card from ebay and other specific site throught api. The purchase also has a website so you need

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    Hi, We need some javascript expert to reverse engineer one of the existing script we have. He needs to document/comment each and every line of that script. Approx 100 lines. Thanks.

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    H...[login to view URL] We will finalize after the discussion only. Quality Guidelines and terms: - Any documents for revisions will be shared to you during the work, you have to comment on the same document and resend to us - Time line and above points should not be missed or breached. If missed/breached, we might have to cancelled the project with you.

    $136 (Avg Bid)
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    I need someone to market and grow my online dropshipping store. It has been created only and designed so now I need someone who can find me a supplier for sne...provide your past work. I would prefer someone with experience in this niche and should be very good in english and also have dealt with shopify stores if you cant do that don't comment please

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    Hi, need some part...[login to view URL] . Ordertracking is our product. 2. No copy and paste. Repeating rate should be less than 15%. 1000 words at least. 3. Add an additional comment to the courier in the end. 4. FAQ Reference- [login to view URL] 5. Kindly seek related information by youself. 6. Write on french, some articles

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    I just want to Develop an Hybrid Application with web CRM. If any body having exists projects Comment here Sample : ADC NEWS app Please propose me with proper document and samples It's 45 days project

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    I am looking for a Filipino to join my team. The job is very simple all you have to do is comment on target accounts on instagram/potential buyers. It is an east job but you need to make sales everyday thats why I require 5-8 hours of commenting depending on how well you make sales everyday. You really need to put time and effort on doing this. You

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    ...function createAction() { if ($this->_request->isPost()) { $payments_id = $this->_request->payments_id; $comment = $this->_request->comment; // Save to the Database $ins_commission = $this->commissionsModel->insertCommission($payments_id, $comment, $this->user_session_details['id']); // redirect $this->_redirect('/Commissions/...

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    ...function createAction() { if ($this->_request->isPost()) { $payments_id = $this->_request->payments_id; $comment = $this->_request->comment; // Save to the Database $ins_commission = $this->commissionsModel->insertCommission($payments_id, $comment, $this->user_session_details['id']); // redirect $this->_redirect('/Commissions/...

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    Website design 2 days left
    VERIFIED to display some information about rebirth, what is is and how to get involved. - Advice Board - this is a page for users to share their stories, view other peoples and comment, like etc. Users can view posts, users can create posts. - Blog - User Profile: - User can create an account - User can edit account information - User can update status

    $722 (Avg Bid)
    $722 Avg Bid
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    ...consumers’ by post type and month? 5. For the ‘Photo’ type posts, which month show the greatest absolute skew in the distribution of the ‘consumptions per user’. Please define/comment ‘skew’ you think is appropriate for this data (e.g. it can be any numeric or visual estimate). Part 2 - Modelling Lifetime Post Consumers Build a model that ca...

    $225 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, Im looking for VA for my WooCommerce business. I...waste our both time. I will reply to each one of you - not matter what will be the answer. So please be patient. And to make sure you are not a bot, i like you to add in the comment "NotB". I also ask you to attach your portfolio / resume. Thank you very much and good luck to everyone! Yogev.

    $6 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...function createAction() { if ($this->_request->isPost()) { $payments_id = $this->_request->payments_id; $comment = $this->_request->comment; // Save to the Database $ins_commission = $this->commissionsModel->insertCommission($payments_id, $comment, $this->user_session_details['id']); // redirect $this->_redirect('/Commissions/...

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    social media management 2 days left

    ...Social media content growth and strategy planning - Through SMO get traffic to our website and drive sales. - Build engagement and increase likes on the contents (DM's and comment) - Have images and contents already, so you have to post it at the right time to generate sales - share content in different forums and groups related to our niche to ensure

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    ...conceptualization b. Promo implementation c. Promo management - FAQ Sheet Creation - Answering of comments, inquiries, and private messages from 9am-5pm (weekdays only) - Comment and DMs - Crisis Management - Monthly account management and reporting - Online Media/Ads Management Should you be interested on this, kindly send in the ff so I may envision

    $188 (Avg Bid)
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    ...competition allows) - A feature that allows users to scan (QR or bar code), or enter a wordcode to see more info on a contest and enter -A feature to allows to like, share, and comment on a competition without needing to enter -A feature to turn on automatic re-entering for the contests that allow re-entering daily, weekly, monthly, and if it requires a

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    Guaranteed Sealed
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    Design a YouTube channel and an creative ending video with a subscribe line and comment section.

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    ...Backgrounds, Photos, videos, live option, and check-in, Suggestions of People you may know, top search bar to search for Friends, users and posts. For post options of Like, Comment & share should code(like FB) For each posts there should b options to block, hide & report. Views for pic and videos and posts & live Friends: Requests, Add & Remove Friends

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    Hi, I need to hire a person for increasing the market range of my IT firm. The daily responsibility of the person w...would be to bring projects and market the company to various channels. You can choose to use online/offline marketing both for the task. The pay will be on commission basis. Comment with your interested commission % and mode of work.

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    Trophy icon Create a logo for Dat Couple 11 days left

    Dear freelancers. Thanks for taking part in this contest. All the desi...recognizable. We're open to all ideas. Currently, we haven't got exact idea of how should this look so give your imagination free reigns. Also, I encourage yourselves to like and comment on submitted ideas you personally like. Thank You all again and Have Fun Pav & Georgie

    $103 (Avg Bid)
    536 entries