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    ...DOSBOX EMU8086; MASM/TASM. I want someone to create a text editor. Not a long one. You create a .txt file with one sentence or a list of 20 letters. Your program should be able to read the file. Edit things. Write in it. and display in Video memory. The editing needs to be done using the cursor (move cursor left and right and delete and back space etc). The

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    Prestashop changes Ended

    ...calculation of distance in kilometers. In case of Google selecting a wrong place on the map, which sometimes happens, the users will have the option to manually move the cursor to their exact place of residence and therefore specify the delivery location. The distance in kilometers will be loaded from Google Maps with the default reference place

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    We have running website on Wordpress platform , unable to add product attributes. When you initiate the process of adding attributes , cursor keep rotating and do not open up drop down menu

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be this software to be developed for Windows using .NET. I need a c# class or function that will resize a given EMF file to a given ratio (0.5 for example) using interop win32 or GDI/GDI+ DllImport etc. Output to a file or Image in memory. Without loss of quality.

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    We need to fetch the data from a desktop applications using Win32 API and c++ Send me a demo / or even a video of how it will work and I will hire you Windows app c++

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    Please check that you are able to do the job. Linked In changed many of its methods and its now harder to fetch data via an open session, and also when you conne...connect you might be block and have the Linked In account blocked. If you are sure you can do that (and maybe send a demo), we can proceed. All work must be in Visual Studio, Win32 API c++

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    Need to convert this project based on C# to C++ ( two version required : Win32 and Mfc) [login to view URL] Budget 30$

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    We have an Admin Panel Script for sale in the sites. We need video of introduction admin panel s...will explain which categories what it works. About panels, About settings, About categories..something like this... We need just video broadcasting and remarkable cursor. And will explain about admin panels. * Please comment your references.

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    We need emoji picker for textbox and textarea. Emoji picker should have one icon and add emoji in textbox or textarea where cursor is. Emoji inside textbox and textarea must display same as it display in emoji list. We need recent emoji's tab. Emoji's must load faster. don't bid until you are sure

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    Hi, I own a business under the name of "only1 cursor solution". have a set up of 15 PCs with good internet facility and a staff of 15 people of great knowledge and skill set who helps me to complete my targets on time with quality. I have a 10 + experience of running a call center customer service process... I am looking for a Business development

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    ...subcontractors to do the development, the best project will win the contract. You are free to use whichever language/library you want as long as you can provide an executable for Win32, Linux or Mac OS X. You have to deliver a self-contained application, not a "webapp" or anything that makes use of a webserver of any kind. The original theme was an ancient

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    Using Wordpress woocommerce based site Unable to edit attributes in product category, when you select add category cursor keep rotating for hours. Looking for a fix.

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    Hi Guys, I would like to migrate my wordpress web site from windows server to linux centos. Existing status, Operating System WINNT Server Apache/2.4.17 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.2d PHP/5.6.15 Memory usage 70.23 MByte MYSQL Version 10.1.9-MariaDB SQL Mode NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION PHP Version 5.6.15 I want to migrate and upgrade

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    Lecture BVR suisse Ended

    Application for IOS and Android. The smartphone application must scan a BVR and send the read data (captured) on the computer screen (windows) where the cursor is located then Enter or Tab or nothing. The font on the ISR is OCRB You find attached two files one original and another with the zone to read. The application will have to evolve during

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    ...act as a button click and I also want eye gaze when the curser is over a thumbnail with a loading circle that will start the video in 2 seconds (i.e. look at button and if cursor is on thumbnail, which starts an animating loading circle and once the person continues to look at it for 2 seconds it acts as a selection. - There will 13 buttons on 360

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    You will use your software renderer you have been developing in order to create your own 3D demonstration. Your submission must be a Win32 application written in C++ and using only GDI calls for all graphical functionality (i.e. use of APIs such as OpenGL or DirectX are forbidden). Your submission must clearly demonstrate the use of the features of

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    I need some graphic : main menu background graphic text graphic for main menu cursor about 4 characters like in example in fantasy/comic book style loot at examples

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    ...shift a video in the opposite direction of the head and gaze position, so that it creates an illusion of parallax effect (similar to the parallax effect done in html using the cursor). See reference. Note: the right hand portion in the reference vid, is an AR KIT render, but I’m NOT looking at AR KIT, only moving a bigger video clip (possibly 360 Video)

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    22 bids create sections inside sections, and send the update code to a server. Steps: 1- Only one button for every task 2- On the first click, add in the editor, where is the cursor, this html element (<ps code="">), code is get with a modal. 3- On second click, in different position, add this html (</ps>), and emit this code between this ps to an event

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    ...Workflow description: 1. right click in tinymce open an custom menu - add in the menu as first item "Custom var" 2. on click on this item open a dropdown on the cursor position (below the cursor) - like IntelliSense makes it [login to view URL](v=vs.140).jpeg?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396

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    Com código fonte, seja possível compilar sem Visual Studio (linha de comando, Code::Blocks ou outro). Alvos nativos Win32/WINAPI no Windows e GTK+ no Linux/Ubuntu. Antes de abrir exibir, como se fosse splash screen, dilálogo para usuário e senha (pode ser valor 1 para ambos sem base de dados).

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    We need to get a win32 build of an open source project via mingw. There is a project doing this already, but we were not able to reproduce it. For this project you need to be VERY comfortable with: mingw, cmake, cross compiling for windows. Details here: [login to view URL]

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    ...arrow key down, page up, page down, strike the enter key, and send text. For example a user would type: mouse 900 1000 and the cursor on the client PC would move to x900 y1000 Note that these live stream comments are available by API. Tool should be able to accept different API keys and streams as inputs. [login to view URL]

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    Laravel Expert Ended

    We have a site on PHP framework laravel. CSS in Bootstrap and landing page + individuals pages for each tool (total 4-5) Others Change colour scheme Add pthyon codes to PHP code for tracking additional aspects such as clicks, cursor movements, etc Design improvements - add images, icons, panels for interlinking Budget 70$ Thank you

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    A c++ Win32 API program that will create a report with the following information: 1. Installed Anti Viruses 2. Running Anti Viruses (excluding disabled ones). Should not require any external DLLs. Should support: AhnLab AhnLab V3 Internet Security Avast Avast Free Antivirus Avast Avast Pro Antivirus Avast Avast Internet Security Avast Avast

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    ...following. A Neural Network With Image Recognition that draws boxes over target (body part specific), and then the ability to follow/lock-onto that drawn target with mouse cursor. It should be hotkey specific the tracking/lock feature. The Neural Network can be headless via a command line (if python), or compiled to application (gui). It doesn't

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    We need to get a win32 build of an open source project via mingw. There is a project doing this already, but we were not able to reproduce it. For this project you need to be VERY comfortable with: mingw, cmake, cross compiling for windows. Details here: [login to view URL]

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    SEE VIDEO FOR EXAMPLE. We have a problem with our app (Colindar) on iOS. When you select a field to write and y...a problem with our app (Colindar) on iOS. When you select a field to write and you scroll, it is not written anymore in the field. Paree that something happens with the cursor. This error does not happen in Android, only in iOS.

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    ...service and will hijack the string provided by the credit card reader, and parse it out correctly. the end user should not be aware of this, they will be told to place the text cursor in the right spot and asked to swipe the card. Example of raw inputs: (note: certain numbers have been changed for security reasons, however the length and syntax is otherwise

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    7 bids theme: [login to view URL] And I need the following changes + I need someone to install it for me and upload some videos 1) whenever the cursor passes over a picture, it gets blue. Is it possible to set a color for every different category?? I have a few... 2) is it possible to display the name of the given category

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    ...of the page, and the area between the lines should have alternating shades of very light Green, and white. These shaded areas should high light (one line at a time) when the cursor passes over them. ***On the Left side of the page should be a Green click-on button, that read "LIKE" and a Red click-on button that read " DON'T LIKE", these buttons (green

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    I need to build a plug-in for these 2 browsers which will interact with a Win32 module I have written in C++ I will be able to assist in all integration tasks. But, the entire browser plug-in component has to be done by the freelancer

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
    2 bids

    ...category, customer should be easily able to browse the catalog and view prices 1.3) Multiple pictures, poses for each item and ability to zoom in on pictures when moving cursor on the top 2) Interface to upload and maintain inventory 2.1 ) Ability to upload inventory using CSV/XLS format ( exact format will be provided) with pictures stored

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    ...strings as either ISO-8859-X (where X=1 I think) or as UTF-8 encoded unicode code point. (2) Win32::GUI is written to use only the XxxxxxA Windows API calls that take a single byte text string, and simply passes the perl character buffer to the Windows API - even here we already have a problem in that Perl's idea of what a string is and Window's idea

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    Need a developer/admin who is familiar with the scripting for DevOps support (Win32 and Cross-platform application development and support). Tools: Powershell, VB6, Bash (scripting), WINE, Visual Studio (tools such as [login to view URL])

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    I have a drop down menu, but it dissapears to quick when user get the mouse cursor off the menu. I wan't to be able to set the delay of the menu in miliseconds.

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    Hello I want to find someone to complete my project running framework ...after placing an order, your client holds the line for the next 3 minutes, just enough time to confirm the pickup or delivery and also this will be displayed in popup with cursor while waiting approval from merchant ) i can explain you better via chat... with some images ...

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    ...and can order what they want in that material. Example, I want a top of the same material and design that I have in my other dress. Product front & back auto image rotate if cursor gets closed to any product. Example - [login to view URL] A separate seller panel or dashboard where other sellers or vendors can upload their products. Need a gif on homepage

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    I need a cryptonote wallet compiled for use with windows. below are the sources and also instructions. Binary should be win32 architecture. If any other questions please ask. Milestones will be created - 1.) Compilation Completed 2.) Blockchain Sync Complete 3.) Transaction Test Completion 4.) Delivery. Here are instructions that should

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    Migration delphi package from xe3 win32 to xe10.2 win32/win64

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    Hi, looking to get this issue fixed. You will notice the issue if you go to [login to view URL] and click sign up /register in the header. The cursor does not go into the fields areas. Here is a link to describe the issue [login to view URL]

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    Like a sample picture. pixel search area If you have two or three red colors, I would like to draw a rec...area If you have two or three red colors, I would like to draw a rectangle underneath several red colors and move the cursor around it to the center of the 'DrawRectangle'. ##+ - At the center of the 'DrawRectangle' near the cursor is 'MouseMove'

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    ...Create a new icon next to the social icons- to open a new page (that opens in an upward motion- think power point transition style lol) with live Instagram feed. - Change the cursor to a graphic we have! - Help us understand what we can and can't do with a cool idea we have for a graphic! Hoping to find someone willing to help us with future development

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    I want a couple of lines of code that will allow be to disable the drawing/refresh of the GUI (graphical user interface) on hotkey. Also disabling the cursor. I want a custom modified version of Inkscape forked on my github repository ([login to view URL] or [login to view URL]) and possibly your own. I want a live animate mode for desktop cam software. Or possibly

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    We have a 3D Rendering application and I need in english describing the application.. The writer has to take screen shot from the application (provided) and write a User guide how to use and tip to be showed when cursor is on the function.. The job in entirely to Write contents of "how to use" in English, NO DEVELOPMENT, NO DESIGN.

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    Cryptocoin exchange with the all coin currency making wallet for users with update in real time in the cloud. When cursor is over SELL, BUY, or any field must appear the meaning with a small text making easy the use of new people in exchange or forex, as this is very similar a forex concept.

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    cursor not working when deployed to hololens

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    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object HoloToolkit.Unity.Inpu...instance of an object [login to view URL] () (at Assets/HoloToolkit/Input/Scripts/Cursor/[login to view URL]) [login to view URL] () (at Assets/HoloToolkit/Input/Scripts/Cursor/[login to view URL])

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    We have a billing program and we'd like to query it's database for specific data to be used in POS program. Unforutnately, it does not have API. And the devs seem to have stopped developing it. The database is locked with password when opened with sqlite. These are the example of the database files that are locked. [login to view URL]

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    ...Add attachment f. Add values to language constants 3. Move request form button to profile page 4. Add missing fields from signup 5. Sort out header 6. Change button cursor You will have to work via anydesk and you will have a dedicated computer to work from....

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