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  • $120 USD
    Profile image for Seller Freakazoid84

    Freakazoid84 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Oct 29, 2012

    Work not complete

    Project Description:I need a webpage to create a form like the form attached. This form will be printed only with the data retrieved from the database and will not need to be interactive. It should retrieve a field called...
  • $200 AUD
    Profile image for Seller ija10


    Jun 21, 2012

    He's good! :)

    Project Description:this project will combine three medium - image, audio and text - to cover and hide the data. it will have a main interface to link it to each main image, audio and text interface. it will read the file/data and add with the key to make it more secured...
  • $107 USD
    Profile image for Seller b2net


    Jun 13, 2012

    Great freelancer, highly recommended. A++++

    Project Description:I put in a project last week that was like this but the bids were way too high for such a small project. There were a couple of bidders who had exactly what I needed but, price was too high. Here is...
  • €385 EUR
    Profile image for Seller thomas135


    Jul 22, 2011

    Well done again

    Project Description:special project for Nzay. @ others: dont bid plz
  • €220 EUR
    Profile image for Seller thomas135


    Jun 14, 2011

    Very fast, very professional, very well done.

    Project Description:special project for Nzay. @ others: dont bid plz
  • €150 EUR
    Profile image for Seller thomas135


    May 31, 2011

    He did a great job. The created code was easy to insert in our current system. i will hire him again.

    Project Description:We produce a software which is similar to a crm and is written in Java with a postgreSQL server in the backend. To support our chief developer we want to find someone who can write one functionality (including Views): Progress example for user who wants to create a new address-research 1...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller kjur3k

    kjur3k [ Incomplete Report ]

    May 13, 2011

    I think we should stop at this point because you cant be getting untested sollution. Its been nearly a month instead of 2 days.

    Project Description:Pressing the print button will: - print reciept - save reciept details to new table Possible more work.
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller metrorestyling


    Feb 24, 2011

    Thanks for the great service

    Project Description:Hello I am looking for a code to be written for a dealer locator. I have found open source codes on google that can be used to program this database for me. I will provide samples of similar databases...
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller savage123


    Feb 22, 2011

    perfect programmer. he did what i want.

    Project Description:ROBOT WORLD SIMULATION Charaacteristic: (check the Repast manual distributed to you and the web page: -Continuous Vectoral space (agents do not fall from edges) Generate a vector of 300x300...
  • $350 USD
    Profile image for Seller Vipin85Gupta

    Vipin85Gupta [ Incomplete Report ]

    Feb 20, 2011

    Thie project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
    Nzay has not completed any projects.
  • $500 USD In Progress

    we need Individuals / companies who can make a windows chat software.Requirements:*Visual appearance should be professional and colorful - similar to skype*Vide chat, Voice chat*Message archieves - Similar to skype*Stealth settings - Similar to yahoo messengerWe are interested to work with people with commitment ON TIME.

  • $100 USD In Progress

    Hi i have plans for an application i need it to be built with eclipse jigloo plugin within 7 days please place a bid thanks.

  • $800 USD In Progress

    We are looking to an able programmer who can deliver a fully managed price comparison website. The visitors come to the website to get quotes. Our website will match the quote to the best suited company and show realtime, live results.

  • €100 EUR Nov 24, 2012

    I saw that you did an offer to do the project "read LTC timcode - JAVA implimentation".Did you do the development?I need a Java solution for mac or Linux that takes the timecode output from a Dolby Cinemaserver. I am going to use the result to syncronize a captioning software we already have developed written in Java.

  • $100 USD Nov 1, 2012

    Hi, I would like to make a simple game in java, please find the attachment for more details

  • $100 USD Aug 8, 2012

    Hello,I need the same script/app you developed for the bid "Multiple/Range IP Email Blacklist Scanner". We have several MTA and a I want a script that runs periodically and checks a list of IP address in a similar way does.Did you complete the job? Do you have any online demo?Regards.J.M.

  • $150 AUD Jul 5, 2012

    I need someone to make me a program that will work in conjunction with an android and iphone phone, I will be working on the android and iphone development side, i need someone to create a program in java that can pull data from the phone and convert it into a couple of formats.This program will work in conjuction with an app that im building.Small project for the right developer.Please msg me with text "EFJW2" so i know you took the time to read the document. Please provide a portfolio of any java software you have created.

  • $350 USD Feb 23, 2011

    The project is a module that make stats of data on moodle. The reports should be:- Student vs Teacher: I should select Course and Forums of this course, and next show a report with number of participations of Student vs Teacher.- Individual Report by Course: I should select Student and Course, and show a report with all participations on forum, activities and access to plataform (time and ip direction).- Group Report by Course: I should select a Couse and the aplication show a report with list of all students and number of participations on forum, activities and quisses.

  • $100 USD Feb 19, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $250 USD Feb 19, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $250 USD Feb 17, 2011

    URGENT:2 exercices in Java with interface in Swing that I need be done tomorrow, friday 18 february at midnight (CET) .1. A Rock, Paper, Scissor game with interface where the user competes with the computer. The first to 3 points wins.2. The task is a simple dice game where you have to roll the dice as many times as possible without getting a one. It returns And a project that need to be done on Monday midnight (CET):The Project:Data To design and implement an application that displays information stored in a database. The specification also able to add / delete / modify data in the database. This information can for example consist of goods in an online business, funny stories, .... In the specification hereinafter referred to as information goods. The application should be able to handle three types of users: 1st Not logged users 2. Logged in user (customer) • The application connects to the database at startup (actually a safety hazard). For users of category 1 (non logged user) applies: • A user can see all the products offered. The user should also be able to choose to only view a certain category of goods, e.g. DVD players. The choice of what to display can be made using the buttons, combobox, list, or similar component. For each product, customers" rating of the product is presented (as an average) • A user can register as a customer. For registration, information such as name, date of birth, address, phone number, some form of username and password. • A user can log in as a customer. When you log on to some form of user names and passwords used. • A user can log on as staff. When you log on to some form of user names and passwords used. This paragraph applies only to project teams. For users in category 2 (logged in user - customer) applies: • A customer can see all the products offered. The user should also be able to choose to only view a certain category of goods, eg DVD players. The choice of what to display can be made using the buttons, combobox, list or other means. For each product, customers" rating of the product is presented (such as an average) • A customer should be able to rate the various products in the store • A customer can log out and become a Category 1 users

  • $250 USD Feb 11, 2011

    Hi.I need multiple small projects to complete in Java. Freshers welcome,but with a learning attitude. I will teach you best Industry practices. Knowing UML is an added advantage.Payment will be good.Bid only $30. and PMB for further detailsHappy bidding.

  • $100 USD Feb 10, 2011

    Project Description:Implement an atomic broadcast service. In atomic broadcast, every message is broadcast to allprocesses including the sender itself. As a result, all processes will deliver the same set of messages.Further, all processes must deliver the messages in the same order. Your service should provide twocalls to the application: a-broadcast and a-deliver. The first call a-broadcast allows an applicationto request the service to broadcast a message atomically. The second call a-deliver allows anapplication to deliver a message sent using the atomic broadcast service. The function call isblocking and returns only when there is a message waiting to be delivered (use semaphores or asimilar mechanism to implement blocking feature without using busy waiting).Implementation Details: In your program, each process will consist of at least two threads—one thread that implements the application (uses atomic broadcast service via a-broadcast anda-deliver function calls) and one thread that implements the atomic broadcast service using analgorithm/protocol of your choosing. Intuitively, the two threads interact using a-broadcast anda-deliver function calls. Of course, depending on your design, a process may contain many morethreads; specifically, both application and service components may contain more than one thread.Testing: Design a mechanism to test the correctness of your service, that is, to ascertain thatall processes deliver messages sent using the atomic broadcast service in the same order. Yourmechanism should be as automated as possible and should require minimal human intervention.You will be graded on how accurate, comprehensive and automated your testing mechanism is. Submit all the source files necessary tocompile the program and run it. Also, submit a README file that contains instructions to compileand run your program.urgent ----- should be done with in a week

  • $250 USD Jan 31, 2011

    ROBOT WORLD SIMULATIONCharaacteristic: (check the Repast manual distributed to you and the web page: Vectoral space (agents do not fall from edges)Generate a vector of 300x300. Generate 100 agents with the following characteristics:1.Each agent is actually a tiny robot that movies in one 12 directions.Directions are calculated simply by dividing 360 degrees by 12.So a robot might be travelling in 30 degrees to North-east.Other might be travelling 240 degrees South-east and so on.You may need some trigonometry to calculate next x and y coordinates.Their speed is 1 per similation step.2.At each step Agents(robots) earn strength that is equal to their distance.So at the beginning each agent earns strength of 1.3.Agents give asexual birth to new off springs with the probability linearyly related to their strength.More strong agents give birth with higher probability.So order agents from strongest to weakest and generate an agent identical to the strongest one in a random unoccupied coordinate.4.At each turn order agent from strongest to weakest and kill the weakest agent.5.Here it gets interesting.Agents have a fascinating property:they can interlock with each other.Now watch . Nice isn’t it?Now here are the rules that govern interlocking:a.Two robots interlock if they are both moving in the same direction anda re close enough to each other (in a distance of 5).So at each step look around to interlock.b.When they interlock agent with the small x coordinate is beamed to 1 plus of the x coordinate of the other agent and the same y coordinate.Example.Agent 1 is in (34,50) and Agent 2 is in (37,49) and they are moving in the same direction.Agent 1 looks around and interlocks with Agent 2 so his new coordinates becomes(38,49) instantly (Check #2,he will gain enormous strength). From now on Agent 1 is the tail.c. When interlocked robots share they strength.d.Interlocked robots travel with the speed proportional to the square root of their length.If two robots are interlocked they move with speed equals to √2,if three robots are interlocked they move with speed √3 and so on.e.If an agent is not a tail he cannot interlock.So every single agent is a tail.But if another agent interlocks to him he loses this property.requirements: need a screen shots while project is running and need a video record with repast suite application(!)project must be written in eclipse!

  • $100 USD Jan 6, 2011

    GIIM(Google Internet and Intranet Messenger)This project adds some additional functionalities to gtalk(Google Talk) Like1.When the user is not connected to internet but he/she is on Local Area Network in college or in organisation then he/she can chat with the users connected to LAN like intranet messenger2.User can transfer files on LAN through GIIM.3.User can talk to the users connected on LAN.

  • $200 USD Dec 15, 2010

    I need a complete source code and working software of PATIENT BILLING SYSTEM which should be developed STRICTLY in JAVA and other details are given below.i want this as a minor project of engineering, so the code should not be complex.This project is aimed at developing a patient billing software system that is of importance to a hospital. The PBS is a local software system. This system can be used to maintain the location (bed no.) of each patient either in the ward or the ICU. Information about the patient and the charges to be paid is also stored....The development of this new system contains the following activities, which try to automate the entire process keeping in the view of database integration approach.• This system can provide the information about the patient based on the ward number whether the patient is either in the general ward or the ICU.• By using this system we can prepare all bills pending to be paid by a patient before the patient"s discharge.• We can keep a track of all beds occupied / free in both the ward and the ICU by using this system.• We can keep track of all transfers of patients from the general ward to the ICU and vice versa.• This system is providing the facility of viewing all information about patients details, their admit time and the amount to be paid based on the treatment given and the ward selected.• We can register all the patient details like the amount to be paid / any balance remaining, the ward number, the bed number, the registration number, case number etc. as soon as a new patient is joined in the hospital.Number of Modules:The system after careful analysis has been identified to be presented with the following modules:1. Administrator2. Employee (Receptionist)3. Payment Module4. Security and authentication5. ReportsSoftware Requirements :Operating System : Windows XP or higherUser Interface : HTMLProgramming Language : JavaWeb Applications : JDBC, Servlets, JSPDatabase : Oracle 10gServer Deployment : Tomcat 5.xFrame Work : Struts 1.x

  • $300 USD Dec 14, 2010

    We need a Joomla site set up in China for one of our magazines. The site will need to be in Chinese. We do already have a template. We need the database set up and Joomla installed at first, so that we can get the site up and running in time to help promote an upcoming trade show. After the site is up and running, we will then need Community Builder, cbsubs, jomtube and some YouTools installed and set up to give the site the same features as our other sites.

  • $750 USD Oct 19, 2010

    Im looking to start a niche career search website on joomla. i"ve chosen joomla because im somewhat familiar with the backend but would like to someone to to build this site from the ground up. The idea isnt anything new. Site functionality is as need below:1.companies pay a fee to register2. companies are able to post jobs and view candidates profile3.candidates can register and create a profile which includes uploading a resume4. candidates can respond to posted adsIm sure im leaving out some picky details but you get the idea.

  • $1500 USD Sep 7, 2010

    Tour Operating Software - Rewrite a programProgram was written with Visual FoxPro, and is not very stable,We would like to rewrite it and add some function,The Interface should be clean,It should be delivered strictly within 40 days, adn draft version in 20 daysFunction can be the same as the program in the attached file,With better performance,We will need further development based on the delivered program.Should be delivered with an Installation Package

  • $750 USD Aug 22, 2010

    A JAVA project to create a user friendly data query application. It used Java to create the interface and use another software to implement the query. I don"t know JAVA at all, although I can understand a little JAVA code. I mainly work on the background software. Since I don"t know JAVA, I can not describe the details of this project clearly. But I have a demo for this JAVA application. The main menu frame, the output window was already created. And the whole application works well. I need some JAVA expert to make the application more user friendly and add some function button. I might need JAVA support for 4 months the maximum. If you are interesting and an expert, please send me email. We can discuss more detail. I prefer somebody from China.

  • $150 USD May 31, 2010

    It is a school project to be done before 6 june (5 june at 00:00)the project is in french (as a pdf file attached for donwload here) and must be done in french(text displayed );the project is the organisation of a football world cupuser must insert all team, players , .. information and then work on them (display edit organise ..)so if you understand the project accordely to the pdf we can accept someone to do it in English but If there is french here it will be chosen also Very importantas you know entring all informations about all teams (32 in world cup and their players staff ...) and matchs and results ^^ is to long so you must implements serialization to export and import this information as text fileAll this done only in java (i use eclipse);thanks wait for bidsLe Francais D"abord !! ^^

  • $50 USD Apr 11, 2010

    Its a very simple project, the code for all the graphics part will be provided.I need it asap.More details will be provided to the winning bid.

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Research Developer

Dec 2011 - Apr 2012 (4 months)

University of West Georgia

Worked on an Research Project for an Android Application requested by the University


Jan 2009 - Apr 2012 (3 years)


We have been working on Freelance projects since the beginning of 2009 and gained an immense experience thanks to our clients.


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