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Location: Corunna, Spain

Member since: April 2012



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  • $80 USD
    Profile image for Seller redbeardsl


    Mar 4, 2014

    More faultless work from aldoilsant. Great stuff

    Project Description:SKILLS REQUIRED: 1) You must have good English and Spanish translation skills 2) You must have basic Photoshop/Image editing skills skills. 3) YOU MUST HAVE ACCESS TO GOOGLE DOCS & KNOW HOW TO USE IT THE TASK: 1) We will share with you 10 Google docs pertaining to 10 flash games...
  • $15 USD
    Profile image for Seller FTStranslations


    Feb 28, 2014

    good job, some errors, could be checked better before sending, but good and fast provider

    Project Description:I have just 1000 words to translate into SPANISH SOURCE TEXT available in ENGLISH (or GERMAN or ITALIAN) Deadline 24 hours. ONLY SPANISH NATIVES
  • $2200 USD
    Profile image for Seller springbeats


    Feb 15, 2014

    Alberto did the work very quickly, after checking all the technical details with us. He is always available and courteous.We will definitely work with him again.

    Project Description:Hi, I am developing an audio application for a client on osx and windows. He would like to add a feature: being able to route MIDI events to a virtual port that could be used as an input in other audio software...
  • $500 USD
    Profile image for Seller FireflyOne


    Jan 26, 2014

    Excellent as usual

    Project Description:Specialized work to improve metro driver for USB camera.
  • $1500 USD
    Profile image for Seller FireflyOne


    Jan 17, 2014

    Excellent work, Reliable, Professional, pleasure to work with. This is the 5th project that Alberto is doing for us and we’ll have few more in the near future.

    Project Description:Deliverables – 1) A standalone driver for the wireless receiver that: a. The driver should be good for windows 8 and 8.1 Metro/RT/tiles b. The driver should be good for standard windows 8.1, windows 8 and windows 7 c...
  • $70 USD
    Profile image for Seller redbeardsl


    Jan 3, 2014

    Brilliant work under a tight deadline

    Project Description:SKILLS REQUIRED: 1) You must have good English and Spanish Skills 2) You must have basic Photoshop/Image editing skills skills. 3) YOU MUST HAVE ACCESS TO GOOGLE DOCS & KNOW HOW TO USE IT THE TASK: 1) We will share with you 10 Google docs pertaining to 10 flash games...
  • $1555 USD
    Profile image for Seller nmangal


    Dec 31, 2013

    Alberto is a great pleasure to work with and our preferred freelancer. We have already used him for the past 4 projects. Excellent communications , support combined with great technical depth in the field.

    Project Description:Project Description: Project Requirement: Create linux drivers for a Touch Panel Interface. The drivers should allow the touch panel to be registered as another HID Device. Drivers should work under kernel 3.6.rc5...
  • $120 USD
    Profile image for Seller tbreslinsl


    Dec 23, 2013

    Awesome. Finds

    Project Description:This is the for the project which you sub contracted and has already been completed.
  • $206 USD
    Profile image for Seller tbreslinsl


    Dec 3, 2013

    Great work, as usual !

    Project Description:Musicbox currently suffers from the same problems our flagship "Videobox" app has, namely the audio is sometimes detected... sometimes it is not. We want to merge the codebases and have the apps continue...
  • $982 USD
    Profile image for Seller tbreslinsl


    Nov 27, 2013

    Excellent dev. Great work.<br/>Wonderful experience ! He is just the engineering partner I needed.<br/>I will work with Aldoilsant again !

    Project Description:I have some simple Mac utilities that I have been selling for some time. Sales volumes are small as of late, I lost my developer and the apps have not had any bug fixes or improvements for almost 6 months...
    AldoIlsant has not completed any projects.
  • $200 USD In Progress

    This is a private job posting for an already identified freelancer.

  • $1000 USD In Progress

    We are in need of a software developer to write a relatively simple application for communicating and configuring our new electronic device. The device connects using a USB cable, but has a USB Serial Emulator running on it, and all communication with it is via &quot;Serial Communication&quot;. There is a working driver for Windows, which is just a .inf file linking the vendorID and productID to usbser.sys. (Device shows up as a COM port). We need a developer who can write us a user-space application and driver for both Windows and OSX. The application will do a few simple communication procedures with the device in order to configure it. We will provide the full communications API, as well as the source code to our current debug software which already does all of this communications.There must be installers so our customers can easily install the application. For Windows, it should work from Windows XP - Windows 8. For OSX it should work for 10.6 and up. We do need to have code signing and the driver will need to be digitally signed for Windows. We&quot;d like the developer to assist us with that procedure as well (obviously, we will pay the code signing fees). We will provide a prototype device for development and testing. We need this project to be completed within 2-3 weeks. Our planned budget is $1000.

  • $1000 USD In Progress

    Having a USB keypad pluged to MAC (PC) we need to get each buttons pressed and bind key-combination for each of them.The functionality is alike to wacom&quot;s key-binding and actually have to replicate itYour bids are welcome. We are intended to build a well-made software.The developer should make a simple yet functional and user-friendly application that just assigns known keys of the &quot;keypad&quot; to the key-combinations of a standart keyboard.Application should be able to get rewritten to win / linux in future, so it should have a good and well-planned structure with isolated layers of current UI implementation and internal functions/methods.To start writing developer will get a PCBA board with 10 buttons and a wheel. Every signal will be know to developer from the scratch.We will increase budget if you could handle with windows/linux versions as well.

  • $22 USD/hr In Progress

    This is an hourly project for Maintenance and creation of TastyApps applications & services.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    I have a driver file we&quot;ve been provided with for a 3rd party project. The driver is not signed. We&quot;ve signed as as a third-party signature, however enterprises and companies looking to use the driver and push it to be installed to other client PCs cannot do it with a self-signed driver. Therefore, we need to officiall sign the driver for public release using Microsoft&quot;s process (and a cert from a Certificate Authority - e.g. DigiCert, GoDaddy) and test/sign the driver for Windows XP up through Windows 8.

  • $15000 USD In Progress

    PCI and monitor emulation for the Windows 8 operating system. Making use of device drivers running in the Windows kernel mode and user mode. Windows 8 desktop development.

  • $3000 USD 7 days ago

    Hi aldoilsant,A Google search led me to a project you bid on ( but it seems to be canceled. I need pretty much the same thing, a virtual WDDM driver that will run on top of a physical GPU (ati/nvidia/intel) and provide virtual monitors - we&quot;re working on a prototype virtual workstation for Oculus VR.Is something like that possible?

  • $250 USD 7 days ago

    Hi, I&quot;d like you to make a xsc editor, that decompiles xsc files then lets me edit it in a editable form, not hex, then let me recompile it. For a certain game. here are some files for testing.

  • $30 USD Feb 10, 2014

    Hello, I have a project that lacks any modification, I do not know if you can do it tonight. It is a bit complicated because there are too many pointer. The project is like the game caches words.Thank you

  • $2100 USD Jan 26, 2014

    Hi,I am developing an audio application for a client on osx and windows.He would like to add a feature: being able to route MIDI events to a virtual port that could be used as an input in other audio software.I know how to do that on osx, but I have no past experience with windows drivers, and existing solutions such as are expensive.Would you be able to develop a windows driver for XP up to windows 8 that would do what is described on this page?There is one simplification though, this existing product allows for dynamically creating MIDI ports, but for my client it is enough to statically create 8 ports when installing the driver.What would be your price?

  • $2500 USD Sep 23, 2013

  • €10 EUR Aug 11, 2013

    Hi/hola,nnWe are a danish company with R&amp;D office in Sitges, this project is for you to seek developers in Barcelona to work with us.nn1) Developer to take care of existing application written in Borland C++ Builder 2010, which may have to be migrated to .NET - which will later include embedded C++ compiler for custom development of in-platform ad-ons.nn2) Developer who will have responsability for a mission critical application, running on a Windows server, in basic communicating via MSSQL DB, perhaps also via Websync. At present written in C++ Builder.nn3) A Web developer, PHP, Javascript, WebSync, perhaps ASP.nn4) Graphical designer for webpages. ( optional )nn5) Server manager(s) for Windows servers, MSSQL etc. ( optional )nn6) World wide integrator(s) at financial institutions ( optional ).nnLanguage, any + English. All code is as corporate documented in English, all docs are in English.nnLocation: Barcelona area, flexible as to work from home, in office.nnTime schedule: During 2013, scaling in:nnRequirement of personal: Highly professional, highly dedicated in what they do, highly loyal, integrity is a main issue since this is the financial sector. As return, we offer an attractive future in all aspects.nnn

  • $140 USD Dec 13, 2012

    Create 7 threads that request and release resources from the bank. The banker will grant the request only if it leaves the system in a safe state. Write the program using Win32 threads. Use mutex locks &amp; no concurrent data sharing is allowed. Implement and simulate your project with sample input and submit both source code and output from your sample run.

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Research and Teaching Assistant

Sep 2008 - Present (5 years)

University of Corunna

Research Assistant in the University of Corunna in the field of Artificial Intelligence (Learning and non-monotonic logics). Teaching assistant in the following subjects: Design and Implementation of Operating System, Discrete Mathematics, Information Systems Design, Natural Languages.

J2EE Designer and Developer

Mar 2006 - Nov 2006 (8 months)

University of Santiago de Compostela

Part-time fixed term employment contract with the <br />University of Santiago de Compostela, within the research project "Data Mining in <br />polysomnographies of patients with cardiopulmonary sleep alterations<br />(PGIDIT04SIN206003PR)" for the design and implementation of an information system <br />in the J2EE platform.

System Administrator and Java Developer

Jul 2005 - Sep 2005 (2 months)


Work-experience contract in the Galician Company <br />DYGRA FILMS S.L. Deparment of Computer Science. 272h of experience in system <br />administration and development of corporative applications.


Ph.D. Thesis on Artificial Intelligence

Universidad de A Coruna


Master of Advanced Studies in Computer Science

Universidad de A Coruna


Superior Computing Engineer

Universidad de A Coruna


Systems Computing Engineer

Universidad de Santiago de Compostela



Certificate of Advanced Level in English. Official School of Languages.

Spanish Official School of Languages

Highest spanish certification for the English Language (write, talk, read).


Inducing a System that Intentionally Hides

International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming, 2011

We study a structure where one dynamic system intentionally hides another dynamic system. We face the problem of<br />discovering the part of the second system that initially is hidden. This study is interesting for Experimental Psychology<br />because it can improve the surveys used for gathering experimental data, where people intentionally hide relevant information. The method we propose consists in applying Inductive Logic Programming for learning an action description of<br />both systems and then using Answer Set

Experiments on Psychology Using the ILP+ASP Method

International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming, 2011

The ILP+ASP method (Romero et al. 2011) is a new method<br />for Experimental Psychology, based on Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) and Answer Set Programming (ASP). It is<br />an application of (Otero 2003) to represent, verify and learn<br />psychological models, an alternative to the use of statistical<br />methods. In this paper we introduce the ILP+ASP method<br />and we apply it in two fields of Psychology: Environmental Psychology and Human Reasoning and Decision Making. Results show that ILP+ASP matches or outperforms