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Mobile and Web Application Expert (iPhone || Android || Php + Mysql )

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Location: Chandigarh, India

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  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller nilssonlondon



    great! excellent work

    Project Description:need help to upload nad load demo content and make adjustments to the theme. it is already taken this project so no need to bid on it
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller InfamousDolphin


    9 days ago

    Thanks for the successful project!

    Project Description:I have an existing application that is able to store the users favorite programs. This for whatever reason is storing their favorites while the app is open, but once the app is closed it is not remembering it...
  • $9.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller rockstar9


    9 days ago

    All good :)<br/>

    Project Description:Hi, I need someone on TeamViewer to develop a App with Web Services for iOS &amp; Android platform. This will be hourly basis and will be definitely more than 50 hours work and I need someone who is interested to work for at least 5 hours today...
  • $14.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller blueb


    15 days ago

    good work.

    Project Description:A quick small job. SSL is not working on my magento website. It gets redirected to a non SSL address. As per hosting people, it is due to a redirect present in the website code.
  • $70.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller nilssonlondon


    21 days ago

    great job!!! good communication

    Project Description:i am the owner of this site: When i upload the pictures they always show blurry. I need to find solution for this so that the pics dont show blurry. Maybe install another plugin for showing pictures...
  • $98.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller gisellesl


    Jun 11, 2014

    Finally able to close out this project after 9 WKS. Was initially told 2 days. There were a series of issues. ONLY REASON I STAYED IS &lsquo;CAUSE OF Aditya's PATIENCE &amp; EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER RELATION SKILLS

    Project Description:The and WORDPRESS sites have already been built. A preview to these may be seen and
  • $412.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller okiogroup


    Jun 4, 2014

    Very good communication and skillsHighly recommend !

    Project Description:magento website Html CSS Magento integration
  • $28.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller fenixdjoan


    Jun 4, 2014

    Aditya was a big help on this project, in fact if it wasn't for him I would have chosen a different team. This project was not completed on time due to schedule conflicts, however Aditya fixed that.

    Project Description:I currently have a word press site and need to give it a facelift. I would like a very simple and easy to use template that I can update myself. &gt; Requirements Splash page/ Landing page: Solid black background with two links Link 1: Dr...
  • $103.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller bobi3us

    bobi3us [ Incomplete Report ]

    May 10, 2014

    avoid this company.

    contact2phpsl's reply:

    The employer will promise that he would pay you. But then when his issue seems to get resolved he tries to find out ways of not paying. Do not work with him. He just believes in getting the Work done for nothing. !!!

    Project Description:When I do reindex on url Rewrite table using indexer.php --reindex catalog_url, i always get error, so it cannot complete URL_rewrite index. I have tried the following: 1. disable compliation 2. Clear all cache and flushed all cache 3...
  • $34.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller stazona


    May 1, 2014

    This work is really good and lucky to have had them do the work for me.

    Project Description:Make an Existing Site Render in Mobile Devices and change the current Site Body of listings to a Craigslist Style body with picture Zoom.
    BerLin Technologies has not completed any projects.
  • $150 USD In Progress

    need changes to my magento website as in the attached document.

  • $84 USD In Progress

    I need a relatively simple iOS game built. It needs to support iPad as well as iPhone (both 3.5 inch screen and 4 inch). The game will consist of a main screen, with a play button, settings, how to play, etc., a settings view with simple settings such as difficulty and sound on/off, and a play view. The game will involve multiple balls bouncing around the screen. They will need to bounce off the sides of the screen as well as each other. This game will involve levels, but all that will change is the difficulty (number of balls, velocity, etc.). Message me for more information. I would like to keep this around $100.

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    hi,need a laravel freelancer for a couple of hours every few weeks. please add me on skype, matt_bwtthanks

  • $300 USD In Progress

    Finalize iOS coding for current CP developing work.

  • $421 USD In Progress

    Please complete all the work remaining in the mobile App. Please bid $400 as we agreed. Thanks

  • $178 USD In Progress

    I need a relatively simple iOS game built. It needs to support iPad as well as iPhone (both 3.5 inch screen and 4 inch). The game will consist of a main screen, with a play button, settings, how to play, etc., a settings view with simple settings such as difficulty and sound on/off, and a play view. The game will involve multiple balls bouncing around the screen. They will need to bounce off the sides of the screen as well as each other. This game will involve levels, but all that will change is the difficulty (number of balls, velocity, etc.). Message me for more information. I would like to keep this around $100.

  • $315 USD In Progress

    hi , i have a working on line website , i want to add a sister website to the same magneto back ground , just need some one to connect it to magneto together as i have all the html files ready to go on . thanks

  • $400 USD In Progress

    Hi there,i need support and development on my projectHtml pages doneneed magento integration

  • $736 USD In Progress

    I need a simple Iphone web application, we have already created html designs to show you how we need to display in Iphonei.e. design in html is ready, You have to write webservices to get data from our database and display in Iphone app.All the design elements will be provided by us. Ping me to know more details. Please note that i need one page to be completed by Friday evening. For rest of pages, I can provide yousufficient time.

  • $100 USD In Progress


  • $10 USD/hr Today

    work according to agreed fee & milestones

  • $147 USD Today

    I need a someone who will design and develop a responsive website selling eBooks,videos,soft wares etc In this site, create 3 social network pages, Promotional tools like Banners and email swipes in the member area. I also want to run a 2x1 Cycler Matrix compensation plan for a referral program also. Note: I have a membership Re sale Right site where I registered and i&quot;m willing to give the developer my username and password in order to access the sample site where all the products will be downloaded into my own site. Any one who can do this job URGENTLY within 7-10 days please apply. Its very very urgent!!!

  • [Sealed] Today

    Web based kitchen planner, mobile friendlyrequirements:admin sidepossibility to add new items to the libraryview saved compositions client side2d assembling of elements retrieved form a library (images provided by us)calculator that calculate total composition height and lenght and pricecolour palette for changing items colourssave project and checkout option(optional gallery with featured client generated compositions that can be imported)

  • [Sealed] Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $10 USD/hr Today

    Hi Guys,I am looking for an IOS expert to convert an android APP to IOS for me....Fast, reliable and work experience with nice newbie&quot;sRegards:

  • $7 USD/hr Today

    I need someone to fix few problem in my site.Its built on php check problems :1. The sites generates auto site xml and stores data in a text file in a directory. But its not working now, and its had auto deleted all the previous xml text files. Which need to be regenerated and it should function as before.2. Only 2 adsense banner displays in inner page if i try to add more adsene banner its not working.

  • $189 AUD Today

    Hi,I have a BigCommerce store and need someone to help me configure the script for Google Trusted Stores, in particular the Order Confirmation Page. It should be a fairly quick task (approx 1 hour) - But you&quot;ll need to have a good understanding of BigCommerce to be able to complete this task as you&quot;ll need to know the variables to be able to populate the Google Trusted Stores form.You&quot;ll also need working knowledge of Google Trusted Stores.Also needed will be a small CSS adjustment to my LiveChat Inc window to move it a little to the left (or floating on the right side of the page) to make way for the Google Trusted Stores widgetAgain. If you don&quot;t have a working knowledge of Google Trusted Stores & BigCommerce please do not bid on this work! I will not select you. As a result I need you to provide me with links in your proposal that includes BigCommerce work & Google Trusted Stores work...

  • $189 USD Today

    Hello,I need to implement a tracking pixel for affiliate marketing in our magento shop.It takes only a couple of minuites if you know how to to it.

  • $474 USD Today

    I need joomla site corporate for webagency service. E-commerce site to sell seo service and website

  • $789 USD Today

    PART 1: I want an app that will function a little bit similarly to the Android -- &quot;&quot;Sabbath App&quot;&quot; -- but that will do both less and more. I want it so that a user can put in his zip code one time and then each week he will get the time when the sun will set on Friday night for each current week in that zip code (see the Android Sabbath App on And the app should email the zip code plus info to me.PART 2A: This &quot;&quot; Time2Watch App &quot;&quot; should do another thing besides providing the weekly Sabbath sunset time in the user&quot;s zip code area. It should play an audio or video message or musical tune or maybe a countdown display at 60 or 30 seconds before our scheduled live video stream time in the user&quot;s zip code -- and then following that 30-seconds before show time message, the app go to the web page that shows our live video stream. Our scheduled live stream for this first channel is at 5:30 pm in the Pacific Time zone Sunday thru Thursday nights. The live stream comes in from the live streaming hosts media center via &quot;&quot; &quot;&quot; ((a domain we own points directly to that media center address using the URL &quot;&quot; &quot;&quot; -- which is a URL we can locally control and re-address or re-point if and when necessary if the live streaming company makes any changes or modifications such as they recently did when they changed their format to HTML5). The live-streaming company ( provides for us a non-HTML5 page that puts the live-video stream player full screen on the mobile device (with the signal coming from their page at: &quot;&quot; &quot;&quot; (which we point to from &quot;&quot; &quot;&quot; -- a URL address we can locally control the pointing in the event that a change is made by the live streaming host company).NOTE: The non-HTML5 page at &quot;&quot; page &quot;&quot; -- (( which we point to from &quot;&quot; &quot;&quot; )) will display &quot;not broadcasting at this time&quot;&quot; any time that our live signal is not on the air. That message will not change unless the browser is recycled AFTER our live-streaming signal has become live. It might be good if we could change our display a few minutes before broadcast time until the live-stream actually begins to read something like, &quot;&quot;Please stand by for the live stream of Night-Cast.TV News to begin -- and then the application should make the live-video stream display on the screen as soon as it becomes live). [[[ Just a note: the HTML5 version of this live stream for PC and MAC, comes in from &quot;&quot; &quot;&quot; -- and we point to this address from &quot;&quot; &quot;&quot; ]]] If you as the programmer should find and tell me that the HTML5 will somehow work better for our apps for mobile devices, then please make the app do what works best for the viewers. PART 2B: Same as 2A -- except to work for a different channel on Saturdays from the live streaming hosts media center via &quot;&quot; &quot;&quot; (( URL &quot;&quot;;&quot; -- non-HTML5 page at: &quot;&quot; &quot;&quot; ( URL &quot;&quot; &quot;&quot; ). Except for different address and time, should work the same as Part Two A. Allow users to toggle activation on or off for each of the above Parts (default on). PART 3: The app should email me shortly a half-hour after each live show starts and give me the zip codes (and additional info if possible) of those who were on line to view the live video stream during that session. PART 4: User be able to send message to me while I&quot;m on the air.PART 5: I can message back ALL users viewing OR a single viewer.PART 6: Viewer chat with private chat rooms during or AFTER live video stream -- that I can switch on or off and moderate.PART 7: User tell-a-friend about app.Future project for mini-Facebook or Socialgo that viewers can opt into from this app.

  • $3157 USD Today

    The new project will allow data to be transferred from the previously created mobile app pproject (iphone and Android) to the eTrac WebForms software instead of Google Docs. To accomplish this several things must be accomplished:1. Setup configuration screens for new data target2. Create a mechanism for mapping the data fields in XML3. Push data via web servicesDetails attached in BAI Project 2 requirements.docx in zip file with supporting documentation.

  • $526 USD Today

    1. Create an iPhone native app must support 3.5 to latest inches screens/iOS2. You will create app with functionalities like mcTube app with option to show animation instead of youtube video I will tell you details before awarding project if you agree to do within 300 budget 1 week then we will move forward otherwise no problem. Must be original work and kept private not in profile etc.Thanks

  • $1368 AUD Today

    Hello I am looking for someone to create me a top iOS navigation app, I don&quot;t mind what type of navigation app it is, it must just proven great ROIPlease post me examples of the navigation apps you have made, and also any source codes you can use for my project.It would be best if you have source code and can just reskin the work.thank you

  • $231 USD Today

    My app is completely finished and I now need push notifications built in. I tried getting it to work, but it doesn&quot;t and now I need some help.I have 2 feeds and need a specific notification sent when a new item appears in one of the feeds. (One is a wordpress page and one is a youtube channel for new videos uploaded)I own a fast server and need it running on my server.

  • $894 USD Today

    Hello,i want to develop a password remembering application similar to 1password.using swift and ios8 only.Eitan

  • $1368 USD Today

    I need an iOS and Android app which is similar to twitter but uses sounds:- Two different user account types: Followers and Uploaders- All Users can create an account, sign in, sign out- All Users can add a profile picture and personal information- Followers can subscribe and unsubscribe to Uploaders and get a twitter like news feed with their sounds - But followers cannot record and upload sounds- Uploaders have an additional feature: They can record sounds and upload them- The sound recording and uploading should be as simple as in whatsapp (push button and it records, when you let go it uploaded the sound and if you swipe to the left it cancels the recording)- Followers can comment on sounds and like sounds the Uploaders uploaded in their feed- When a new sound is uploaded by a Uploader the user is following, he gets a push notification

  • $1894 NZD Today

    Hi everyone,The Project is an electronic logbook, very exactly similar to an existing one which I&quot;ll provide the link at the end of this description, so what I need?1. Logo Design to be deliver in the same file formats that the attached sample logo has.2. Website and website design ! Drivers and operator should be able to login and register through the website same as competition ! The website requires to have a back office where I can access all the info of customers, price, promotions codes, and so on! 3. Android and Iphone app to be developed Native ! Not cross-platform.4. The website and application has to be safe and secure.5. I&quot;ll send you the minimum requirements as per the agency which I&quot;ll take my licence to be able to use this application !6. Very Important is; I need to be able to add or delete features to the the project as it goes along! Ps. Initially I require to accept paypal as payment gateway only but 6 months after launching I&quot;ll need you to set up a new payment gateway ! but don&quot;t worry you&quot;ll get paid extra for this. in a new project posting here at***Now looking at the competition website I need to have a very similar or above design quality! and although we&quot;ll be using them as a starting base point we cannot obviously just copy them we new to have a new and clean design !Competition Link is; DO NOT BID A RANDOM AMOUNT OR YOU&quot;LL BE REPORTED FOR FAKE BID. That&quot;s all from me! Questions and Clarifications please ask.Thank you kindly

  • $736 USD Today

    This is a stock app. Details to follow.

  • $3842 AUD Today

    Hello I am looking to make an app like the following app/website don&quot;t want an copy of it but I want it to have the kinda the same features, this is only an example , I also need you to import all the geolocations data you can find to make the app ready to use.We can talk about this after, I am looking for a fixed price, please give me your best price.Please make a clear proposal to be considered , looking for a top developer for a top appthank you

  • $1421 USD Today

    We are looking for an iOS or Android developer who can build a simple app that pulls html pages from a database based on users criterias, displays them in the app and let&quot;s the user share them on WeChat (Chinese messaging app) in exchange for that users get points. We provide all the design and you only need to do the coding. This could be an ongoing project if we work together well. So you should be familiar with Wechat APIs. please add me on wechat directly to talk: moritz0887 thank you Moritz

    BerLin Technologies does not have any open projects.
    BerLin Technologies does not have any work in progress.
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Project Executive

Mar 2013 - Present (1 year)

Berlin Technologies

I am working As Part Of Project Executive With Berlin Technologies

Magento/ iphone Developer

Jul 2010 - Apr 2013 (2 years)


Worked As Magneto Developer

Web Developer

Jan 2007 - Dec 2011 (4 years)

Orem Data System

Worked as Web Developer With Orem Data System



Punjab Technical University



Magento Certificate

Magento Inc

I am certified Magneto Developer


Magento Development

Greetings <br /><br />I have posted many of magento solution in stackoverflow