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Advanced PHP/Perl programmer

Username: freelance4hire80

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Location: Kulim, Malaysia

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  • $142.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tech99sl


    10 days ago

    Did the work I needed on time and on budget. I will use him again.

    Project Description:I have a email marketing application that is written in Perl and uses a MySQL database. I am wanting to be able to insert tokens into different parts of the outgoing email messages and be able to rotate...
  • $277.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller UniqueMedia


    Jun 3, 2014

    skilled coder. good communication.

    Project Description:We are looking for a highly qualified Perl-Professional with extensive experience in web scraping and a proven track record. We would like to scrape listings from this website We need to index all listings (incl...
  • $222.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dfoszto


    May 16, 2014

    I am absolutely satisfied. He is highly recommended! I hope we can work together in the future again.

    Project Description:For this project I need a programmer to create a spreadsheet that scrapes data and pictures from several websites by my request (once a week). Please only apply if have done similar projects before and do speak English...
  • $95.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller vpxmediacom


    Apr 8, 2014

    Excellent! great dev highly recomment +++<br/>

    Project Description:i need a custom perl email sender script i have attached an example of script. if you can work on that one i need the following features to add: set maximum emails to send once set sleep time after...
  • $425.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rkr1071


    Mar 28, 2014

    Excellent programmer. Has expertise in Perl and DesignSync. Provided support through Skype as well. Has professional attitude. I'd recommend him for any programming project.

    Project Description:Write a program to manage DesignSync Vaults.
  • £20.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller domaniqs


    Jan 5, 2014

    Great, fully professional work delivered in no time! I would recommend this freelancer to everyone who seek quick and neatly made scripting!

    Project Description:Being involved in large project, I would need some help with basic task of designing a script to insert data from one table excel script into MySQL database. The database is already designed, also Excel files are available for viewing...
  • $111.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ukigoshi


    Nov 24, 2013

    excellent communication, excellent product delivered, great attitude.

    Project Description:Need to build a database out of car info in All fields shown per car should be captured. Must be able to run script after running a normal search in the site, that runs for the results of an ad-hoc search...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller cayenne42int


    Apr 12, 2012

    Works like a charm

    Project Description:The attached report in TXT format should be converted into a flat (Semicolon) separated file by executing a conversion EXE. Input is the file &amp;quot;input.txt&amp;quot; output is a new formatted file called &amp;quot;output.txt&amp;quot;...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller PGPDev


    Jan 30, 2012

    Great Freelancer, on time, on budget, and perfectly clean data. I will be using Him for all of my future data needs.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller TechMentor


    Jan 26, 2012

    Knowledgeable, proactive and knows the technology well.

    Project Description:I need a perl or script that will browse the following site;shopurl=search.aspx&amp;k=082242290432 On left side.. there 4 categories Grocery...
    freelance4hire80 has not completed any projects.
  • $111 AUD In Progress

    We need a very simple PERL script that will so a sort of a MYSQL Data table of our members database and add the data:EmailFirst Nameto MailChimp using the API.You would be using this API function: the start of the script we would define:APIKEYLIST IDMYSQL UseridMySQL Password

  • $555 USD In Progress

    You will find an archive of Usenet posting here: are about 2GB of messages. The goal of this project is to take these messages and convert them into puffball format. The full description of puffball format can be found here: content of each message will go in the &quot;content&quot; field, and the username will be formed from the user&quot;s email address by replacing the at sign with a dot. Each message will be &quot;signed&quot; with a key generated just for that user. We will provide you with the functions (in Javascript) to sign the content. The most complicated field is &quot;parents&quot;, which needs to reference all of the messages that the user is replying to (it is possible that a user has replied to more than one message). However, the way that the archives are structured should make it easy to locate the messages being replied to, given the header information. You should confirm this!You can write the function that parses the archives and creates the puffs in Python, PHP, Perl, JavaScript (with node), or as a linux shell script. We will want the code you create, as well as the puffs it creates.

  • $111 USD Today

    Extract data from URL final deliverable must be a excel table with the following columns:State, City, District (First 3 dropdown form fields)Store name, Store contacts, map

  • $35 USD Today

    I have a website that I would like to extract all of the Product Data from including Product Description, Category, Sub Category, SubSub Category etc.The Product Description has a number of different items in it, such as temperature range, compatibility, Wavelength, Dimensions etc.I would like all the data extracting from the website using web scraping/data mining/data extraction tools, and then presented clearly in a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet, so that I may then use the data myself.Im not sure how many different products there are, but Im pretty sure its over 1,000 but under 5,000This should be a quick job for someone with experience doing this.I&quot;d like this done within 5 daysThanks

  • $166 USD Today

    I need two bash scripts written:1. We store many large video files on Amazon S3. I want a script written to copy a batch of files (could be 100+ files) from S3 to a folder on our linux server (which happens to be an Amazon EC2 server). I have used S3CMD before successfully but open to alternate methods. The file list would be on a separate txt file (could be csv if needed). Variables that should be able to be changed easily are source S3 bucket, and destination folder. Not sure how the concurrent number of files copying at once would work or what would be most efficient. Freelancer would need to advise on this issue. Meaning do we limit the number of concurrent files at once or ? some of the files could be 15 GB each so the copy method must include multi-part transfer (s3cmd offers this). Also need a report generated at the end of the copy that would report on successful transfers and/or files that were not located.2. Second script is similar to #1 above but would copy from a server folder on the server that would be running the script. These would be mostly image files so not as large as the files on S3. Same variables as above (source and destination) and a report in the end that lists successes and files that cannot be found.Not sure of the price of the budget required on this.

  • $111 USD Today

    Screen scrape data project.Collecting information from the internet using computer software techniques to extract and save the information. You will take unstructured data and format the data stored into a spreadsheet to be analyzed.

  • [Sealed] Today

    Hi AllI need a website scraping

  • $111 USD Today

    Hi We are looking for a expert person who can scrap data for us . we have a mobile repair website we want to get all mobile phones Models their images , to add data into our website. person can give us data in CSV file and images with images path .

  • $111 USD Today

    We have a great little Perl-based script that will connect to a POP3 mail server, retrieve messages from the server, and extract specific snippets of text from the e-mails and then append the information to a text file for us.The e-mails have changed recently and the script needs to be tweaked to be able to work with both the old format of the e-mails as well as the new format. We&quot;re in need of a Perl pro to update the script as a result. Templates of the e-mails (old and new formats) will be included with the script to help in updating the script.

  • $333 USD Yesterday

    This project involve scraping data from the website and build a database using those scraped data.I need the full database of the site.The attached files contain all the columns of the database.The end results of this project is both the database and automated web scrapping program.The structure of the database is provided in the attached file.Please go the web site, related information: 1-2)1. get the full list of the registered users from the site. - As you can see it below, you can capture data about individuals by using speceific url pattern (like /225141) - get the detailed data about those individuals from each url and from sub-urls - please see the attached pdf files to check the list of colummns - - and etc.(Project related information: 3-4)3.get the full list of the posted projects from the site. - As you can see it below, you can capture each project info using either project name or a specific project number ( like 634680/) - it is portant to get the complete list of the project from the site - - get the detailed data about those projects from each url and from sub-urls - please see the attached pdf files to check the list of colummnsA experienced web scrapper can do this job effectively. We can discuss further and send me a message if you have any qustions.Please read the detailed information about the project in the attached files.

  • $35 USD Yesterday

    I need the full database of a site. Need to have the database in text, Excel or Access format . I will specified the columns of database and the site in PM.It is a simple job for a professional web scrapper . I need it ASAP. Lower bid win or the best bidder .

  • $30 USD 2 days ago

    I have a PERL script that shows an selectbox via an HTML output.It uses the same variable for display and value. I want to add a variable to use an other value.

  • $833 USD 6 days ago

    In the creation of a payment processor we are looking for a professional Perl and PHP, Ajax programmer with huge unix knowledge.We need an absolute expert or a team to build a stable, fast and secure bidirectional communication between our finished backend Perl script and our frontend PHP-Website. Your work is to integrate in our existing Perl script the backend part and create a simple, but functional dummy website to show a smooth frontend to backend communication. Here is how it works:1.The user inputs his bank details on our website (simple php form needed for dummy)2.The bank details are sent then to our Perl backend script which does connect to the bank.3.The Perl script has to ask the user for a PIN. We have to pass the request back to PHP and refresh the website.4.Once the PIN is entered and submitted again – pass it back to the Perl script5.The Perl script checks whether the PIN was correct and sends the results (success, incorrect) back.6.User is notified on website if it succeeded.We think for the PHP part it is the best to use Ajax while the communication happens. We can show a loading icon in the Ajax callback until the backend server sends a response. The communication between Perl and PHP should not be limited to this, we should have the opportunity to integrate more communications with the Perl/PHP script easy by modifying our Perl and PHP code.So we need perhaps a message handler daemon. We think ZeroMQ would do the job, but we are unsure.The Perl backend script is running local on our server.Please be aware PHP functions like proc_open, exec and system are considered as unsecure and will not work for our use. We do not want this.We are professional coders ourself and ready to assist you while doing the work.Please send me a PM with your idea.

  • [Sealed] 7 days ago

    We need a simple forum made in Perl. Please don&quot;t suggest existing solutions, we have very tight security requirements and need a solution that matches the specs, no more and no less.The entire job description is included in the attached PDF. To open it, please read at the bottom of this.You will need to create a &quot;bitbucket&quot; account (free) and update the project there daily so that we can see the progress. Our user name to add us to the project is Outwork there.&quot;Terms of payment&quot; Upon awarding the job, a milestone will be created for the &quot;entire&quot; amount owed. Freelancer will hold this money, but none of the milestone will be released until the job is 100% complete. Do not ask for any milestone payments until all the work is 100% finalized. Its important to note, that since Freelancer will hold ALL the funds, you have NO risk of not getting paid as long as the job is done properly and in a timely manner.Bid responses sent to us that are automated - will be ignored, please do not send us automated bids if you want to be taken seriously. If you would like to be considered, please make sure to read the above requirements carefully.To open the PDF, the password is: 123456

  • $150 USD 8 days ago

    Dear sir,i need a script which scape this website and update my website agenda daily. the data it has to provide is. Starting time event, date, name, adress, url. This is to keep my agenda updated and it has to point the event to the exact google map adress. Kind regards, Rene

  • [Sealed] 8 days ago

    scrap and process some html files from a website / offline, and put on a new format and design (Template will be provided)total pages / around 100 - 200 - just scrap from a website and put in on a new design.

  • $30 USD 8 days ago

    I need a basic script which will have two fields:1. User name2. PasswordI should be able to enter these and click on a button (or the enter button if there is no GUI) which will then perform some small things which I will only reveal to the chosen worker.The script must be finished within 48 hours from now!

  • $155 USD 9 days ago

    I need a program to manage my emails for me it needs to:- Login via webmail to Yahoo- Have proxy supportPlease PM me with the word &quot;pacific&quot; to signal you read the entire posting and to receive more details

  • $222 USD 9 days ago

    Convert a web page that works with Javascript and interacts with google maps to work with Perl and google maps(from client side to server side)2 files of total 1700 lines of Javascript code

  • $277 USD 23 days ago

    I need to obtain data from 4 supermarket sites and have the data available in my dropbox everyday in an excel format with categories, descriptions and prices of each product.These are the websites -

  • $155 USD 26 days ago

    I need a web based application built. Front end user interface must be cool with graphics and easy user entry (drop down lists primarily).Will need to develop a DB structure which starts with some sample data then allows me to enter more over time, then reports against the data.Application will need to be set up to be accessed from my website ( via some password protected option.Currently I am hosted by &quot;go; and per them, the tools that must be used include:Apache - 2.4.6CURL - 7.24MySQL - 5.5.32PHP- 5.4.22 (native/default)5.3.27 — not all customers have this version available5.5.6 — not all customers have this version availablePEAR - 1.9.4Zend - 2.4.0PERL - v5.10.1Python - Python 2.6.6There were many good responses to my last posting on this (which expired). Unfort. I was out all week with very limited web access. As such, my posting expired.. thus I am reposting here.I am not very technical tho I know what I need... so you will need to be patient, yet have a very high level of communication with me (in English) to ensure success.Thank you.

  • $88 USD 27 days ago

    We have some data in multiple tables in MySQL DB. There is a master table and then there are associated tables with joins for one-to-many relationships. I need to migrate this data into MongoDB. Hence looking for some utility that can convert MySQL data into JSON or first extract MySQL data into Excel and then run utility to create JSON out of it.

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Jan 2004 - Present (10 years)

FreelancerForHire80 Ltd

I devote my time in IT freelancing jobs. My focus areas now are website development and maintenance, website data scraping/ extraction etc. Please PM for more detail...


Bachelor degree

Universiti Sains Malaysia



Advanced Perl programming

Local software house

Advanced perl programming topics

Advanced TCL/TK programming

Local software house

Advanced tcl/tk programming topics