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OSCommerce Developer, Shopping Carts Designer & PSD2CMS Designer

Username: onedesksolutions

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Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

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  • $52.50 USD
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    tomcheney [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jun 16, 2010

    The project was urgent and needed to be done in time. They assured me they had read the brief and also understood the time frame. They than after transferring of money back and forth and whatnot tell me after 3 days they can't complete the project. They waisted 3 days that I didn't have time to waist. They shouldn't bid on something they can not complete.

    Project Description:Hi, I need someone to edit a WordPress site. I will provide PSD's with modifications. Attached are details. The images are low res to fit the uploader. Read through them. They are fairly simple. Let me know if you need more details...
  • $100.00 USD
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    Apr 27, 2010

    Fast turnaround and good communication skills. I would definitely work with onedesksolutions in the future.

    Project Description:I have a Oscommerce 2.2 template which needs to be converted to Oscommerce 2.2 rc2a. Please bid if you have experience in doing this before and have experience in implementing Oscommerce in a live store environment...
    onedesksolutions has not completed any projects.
  • $250 USD In Progress

    PHP/Javascript Developer Contract/Remote (telecommute)We are a small company developing real time sales automation and lead generation software and services located in USA.Position: Full Time/Contract/Week to WeekRequirements:1. PHP - Mysql/Web/Mail/File APIs2. Javascript - working with third party libraries like Ext Js3. CSS/HTML Minimal work4. Linux Shell - Bash, SSH, VI5. Source Code Repository management (SVN preferred)All work will be done remote, hours are flexible but full time, however there will be periodic meetings on US time zone schedules. Please forward your resume and salary requirements. References and Linkedin accounts are also appreciated.Thank you.

  • $500 USD In Progress

    8 integrate excel upload tools for each categoryintegrate html/css/with oscommerce

  • $200 USD Jun 29, 2010

    Due to high pressure on our agency right now we need a Magento coder who can create a template from a .PSD design that has already been created. The design is a remake for a client who already has a design which they are currently using on their shop. The redesign goes for the mainpage and 2 subpages. (Categories and Productview)Screenshot of the new (This photo is also attached)The whole project is very straight forward and the PSD files are ready to go.Need a quick and professional delivery on this - WITHIN our deadline!

  • [Sealed] Jun 28, 2010

    Modify Wordpress Template and replace text/photos to personalize the site. I have already purchased this template: and would like to use it for the site. This will be a simple 5 page site with Google Analytics and Paypal Payment functionality for up to 15 products/services. Site Theme, layout, and color scheme will remain the same. We will provide all text and images for this project and mockups if necessary, however you must be proficient in design because we will need some detail added to the slideshow banners.We would like to have this site developed within a short period of time (3-7 days) if possible. In terms of development, we would like a long lasting business relationship with a first class Wordpress developer. Looking forward to your bids...Ideally between $250-$375

  • $250 USD Jun 28, 2010

    Please find attached my website URL and work to be done on the shown in attached documents. Also find the excel sheet for current bugs and new feature needed to be added on the existing website. Kindly explain how you are planning to make the site multi-language.Please download the project file here. I am not able to upload on freelancer.,Seb

  • [Sealed] Jun 22, 2010

    I am looking for someone to create a simple e-commerce site advertising a piece of fitness equipment. The site will need a slideshow showing off the product photos (all photos provided) on the main page along with a title logo, description and integration with google checkout. Other pages will be Terms and Conditions, Contact us/about us - the usual. I need this site completing and live by the 1st of July. I will send the provider a simple outline of the site to work to.The winning provider must be able to show previous work and must meet this deadline. Please quote "site11" before your response to show this brief has been read.

  • $200 USD Jun 14, 2010

    I have about 80 million records equaling a total of about 30 gigabytes of data. These are stored in about 1200 .csv files.I want to put them into a database on a shared server. This is tricky because I have received numerous warnings and several shutdowns from the shared server ISP because this data calling a mysql server. I will paste in the warnings below.I want someone to figure out a way to store these on the online server without disturbing the server and without getting the warnings. I also need the resulting database to be searchable on all the fields and various combinations of fields with the results of the search in basically the same format as the csv files.Also, more csv files are being generated every day and I need something that can write these to the same database without disturbing the ISP.Here are the error messages referred to above: Throttle policy: let me clarify that Throttle Policy this is control panel feature to control data transfer rate in your account. The most comfortable parameters are quota by requests with values: 50 - Requests per 10 / 15 seconds. The Throttle Policy option can be enabled inside of the control panel under the icon Web options. Please, refer to our Documentation for more details: are notifying you that your account, or a portion or feature of your account has caused an overload on one of our servers. We have a shared hosting environment that we must maintain at a certain level of performance. This performance is monitored and balanced by us, however there are times when accounts can cause the server’s load to increase degrading the performance for all other customers on this server.To protect your account from further action you must agree to our request for compliance. Please respond to this message stating your intent to do so. You may either log into your control panel with us, and access this ticket via the 24/7 help desk, or provide this ticket number to our Live Chat or phone representatives.Please contact us to resolve this matter.queries are locking each other causing huge mysql server overload.Query examples:1030 C261605_willie2 C261605_geoTwitter Query 41 Locked DELETE FROM `tweets`\nWHERE `time` < 12613791701029 C261605_willie2 C261605_geoTwitter Query 41 updating DELETE FROM `tweets`\nWHERE `time` < 1261379170395 C261605_willie2 C261605_geoTwitter Query 38 Locked INSERT INTO `tweets` (`time`, `user`, `location`, `msg`) VALUES (1261379233, &quot;EtienneSlight&quot;, &quot;North London&quot;, &quot;I DONT WASTE TIME WITH CHAT UP LINES , JUST LOOK IN HER EYES AND READ THE SIGNS&quot;)1019 C261605_willie2 C261605_geoTwitter Query 38 Locked SELECT *\nFROM (`tweets`)\nWHERE `id` > &quot;44094427&quot;\nLIMIT 501022 C261605_willie2 C261605_geoTwitter Query 34 Locked SELECT *\nFROM (`tweets`)\nWHERE `id` > &quot;44094427&quot;\nLIMIT 501023 C261605_willie2 C261605_geoTwitter Query 26 Locked SELECT *\nFROM (`tweets`)\nWHERE `id` > &quot;44094427&quot;\nLIMIT 501020 C261605_willie2 C261605_geoTwitter Query 23 Locked SELECT *\nFROM (`tweets`)\nWHERE `id` > &quot;44094427&quot;\nLIMIT 501021 C261605_willie2 C261605_geoTwitter Query 21 Locked SELECT *\nFROM (`tweets`)\nWHERE `id` > &quot;44094427&quot;\nLIMIT 501024 C261605_willie2 C261605_geoTwitter Query 18 Locked SELECT *\nFROM (`tweets`)\nWHERE `id` > &quot;44094427&quot;\nLIMIT 501025 C261605_willie2 C261605_geoTwitter Query 15 Locked SELECT *\nFROM (`tweets`)\nWHERE `id` > &quot;44094427&quot;\nLIMIT 501026 C261605_willie2 C261605_geoTwitter Query 11 Locked SELECT *\nFROM (`tweets`)\nWHERE `id` > &quot;44094427&quot;\nLIMIT 501027 C261605_willie2 C261605_geoTwitter Query 7 Locked SELECT *\nFROM (`tweets`)\nWHERE `id` > &quot;44094427&quot;\nLIMIT 50Database C261605_geoTwitter has been chmoded to 0.

  • $400 USD Jun 8, 2010

    Here is the information on the data integration to our OS Commerce website. Our supplier provides a list of products that will be available to download and integrate into our website. The data is available in either XML or CSV, and the inventory file is in a text file. Image files will also be utilized and are located in a separate file (another file has a pointer that refers to product numbers and image file names. A majority of the products in the database file (about 15,000 products) will be listed on our website. The first priority is getting the website up and running, with data integration to our main suppliers ftp site. This integration would include: 1.Data update at least weekly to update all products (about 15,000 or so). This will include product database as well as integration of image files. a. Ability to manipulate data files for pricing adjustments and products we do not want to sell online. We will need to have a means for adjusting the pricing based on a manufacturer level, but it would be nice to have the ability to modify on a per product basis. Pricing overall will be needed to be adjusted so I can sell products at my specified markup of a percentage over cost, or % discount from MSRP or MAP prices. I am thinking to make this simple for pricing adjustments we would calculate this in a percentage of markup or discount percentage. 2.Update of available inventory from our supplier several times daily and integration so we do not sell out of stock products 3.Minor modifications of OS Commerce site for our logo and graphics (I would like to be able to edit future changes myself in a program like Dreamweaver or similar so I don’t have to rely upon you each time I want to make a change. The website we will be using is an OSCommerce template website and will suit our needs as written, except with modifications as listed above. 4.Output of orders in CSV format to my supplier when orders are receivedSample data files are attached

  • $30 USD Jun 6, 2010

    Have a old version of OSCMAX not working on a web site that eventually will be removed but need it working. Am getting error&quot;FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!&quot;It was enabled but I am told that its a problem as OSCMAX uses PHP4 and web site is PHP5Last quick fix they did was:added a .htaccess file for you with the following content to forcephp4:AddHandler phpFour .phpAction phpFour /cgi-system/php.cgiALSO TELL ME WHAT YOUR CRE LOADED EXPERIENCE IS!!! Have b2b version 6.2 loaded somewhere else and having same problem but thinking of upgrading it to 6.4.1a (if you have this it would be a great perk to hire you)

  • $250 USD Jun 1, 2010

    I have a magento install that I have created.I need someone to help me with configuring it to show products on the front page, also get the shipping setup to work with Australia Post.Install a theme. (I have the theme ready)Communication can be via email/msn/skype.must have experience with magento.Work needs to be done asap.

  • $30 USD May 3, 2010

    I have recently migrated all of the databases from to my new website at I need someone to get the files and scripts necessary to link the database with the website for our new domain that also has a new host. We also use OS commerce for an affiliate program as well as registration and credit card processing. All of this needs to work like our current website at

  • $550 USD Mar 17, 2010

    I have a modified OScommerce v2.2 RC2a BTS website. It currently has the OSC stock design. I am looking for a creative web designer who has experience with OSC to turn my ugly duckling into a graceful swan.I am NOT looking for a complicated or high-tech flash design. I am simply looking for a professional-looking and appealing design that it suitable to the overall theme of the website.Actually, the bid winner will be responsible for TWO website designs. There are TWO separate websites. However, both websites will use the same basic OSC website structure, just different templates. For EACH OF THE TWO OSC WEBSITES, you will need to:• Develop the overall creative design that is appropriate for the theme. The design is to address, but is necessarily not limited to, the following design aspects: 1. the color scheme 2. text fonts 3. background images 4. graphical images/effects (does not include products images)• Implement the selected design - applying it to the body, header, footer, infoboxes and background.• Replace the flat, boring stock OSC cart buttons with buttons that are more appealing and fit the theme and design of the site. (I am to receive the gif and PSD files.)• Create a favion utilizing the design colors and captures the website theme.You will also need to “refresh” the existing logo for one of the two designs. (I want to keep the logo for the second website.) The logo to be refreshed is a very simple text-based logo that would need to be updated, in terms of color and font, to the match the new site design.To ensure that the project is on track, the winning bidder will need to be in contact and supply a very basic plan, samples and/or examples for the various parts of the project. I do not mean to add to your work. I simply want to make sure you are not wasting your time creating something that is not desired. (For example, submitting a sample mock-up button, before cranking out all new buttons, would help eliminate any confusion.) At the ending of the project, I have all ownership rights for all of the design elements.You must be:• a creative web designer• knowledgeable of the OScommerce template system• able to clearly communicate in English• able follow directionWhat can you do to help your chances of winning the project? • Demonstrate that your clearly understand the project. (Simply submitting your bid with generic statements, such as “pick me” or I’m ready to start” will NOT help your chances.)• Provide some preliminary thoughts, ideas, example websites or simple mock-ups would be very helpful in demonstrating your skills and understanding. (This is not meant to be exhaustive, just enough to indicate your capabilities and understanding.)• Provide an estimate as to how long the project will take.If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • $350 USD Mar 4, 2010

    We are looking for someone to design a customized Magento template for a new internet retail venture. We are looking for a fairly basic but precise design. We will provide necessary images for banners and any image specific layouts. The template will incorporate a front page with a static banner with embedded links, images for product going 4 across and an indefinite amount of rows. We can provide examples of what we are looking for and will provide scanned drawings detailing the look we wish to achieve. We will also need an order page as well as several other standard pages for FAQ&quot;s, Shipping, etc...If you bid on this project please provide examples of previous work.

  • $320 USD Mar 4, 2010

    HelloI need a template for OsCommerce or Zen Cart. The template is for an Indian wedding shopping cart that sells wedding boxes... must look classy...elegant and colours are to be predominantly whites and red. I have attached a photo of one of the boxes.I am considering either oscommerce / OsCommerce Cre Loaded or zen cart for the shopping cart - I do not know which shopping cart is better to use so I am open to suggestion. I will install either of the above.I would like to see a preview of the suggested design / example of other wedding type templates you have done or suggest.You should be very good with either oscommerce or zen cart as i may need some modifications to the shop once the template is installed for the client.Thanks and look forward to working with you...Rakesh

  • $500 USD Jan 10, 2010

    We are looking for someone to design a ecommerce website, this will need to be SEO friendly, have sage pay integrated and the ability to upload products with ease. We are looking for flair with design to create main shop banner, the website must be built with a package that is easy to add on extras at a later date. (Maybe open source)When placing bids it&quot;s essential to include examples of previous websites built, realistic time scales to complete the project, a fixed price cost and a list of details for us to think about and answer to enable you to build this website.Communication throughout the project is of up most importance.

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