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Java J2ee MongoDB,OrientDB Expert

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    krazzy4Coding has not completed any projects.
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    ### Javascript App Launcher w/ Code Updating from DBNowadays, it is easy to drop a web app into Phonegap or Node Webkit to create deployable applications. What is annoyingly hard is updating those apps without redeploying the entire package.Since the application is Javascript anyway, it should be possible to have a launcher stub which fetches versioned updates in the background from a database. Since CouchDB/PouchDB makes database synchronizing totally painless, it should then be possible to deliver application updates as a single JSON record. The launcher stub would be responsible for copying those files to the local filesystem and booting the application to the most recent app folder. Details: Data structure: We will have two databases, an application database and a files database. The application database is very simple, it stores only one type of record -- applications. Each application record has a "deploy_type" which is either "production" or "pre-production", an "app_name" field and also a list of files (not attachments) each with CRC, type, size and URL. A second database holds records for each file and acts as a simple filestore. The client stub will fetch all changed files into a new versioned application folder.Launcher boot process: When the launcher starts up, it fetches the current "application_ver", calculates the correct application path (base path + app ver) and launches the app"s index.html page. Then, it asynchronously checks for updates, downloads update files if available, creates a new application folder and, when finished, updates the "application_ver" variable. Then it removes older application folders (keeping only the two most recent to allow for simple rollbacks.) The important thing here is that 1) the initial launch is done immediately so that user does not see a launch delay. Also 2) downloading the new version is done entirely asynchronously and in the background so the user does not see performance degradation. The stub pseudo code might look something like this:On instantiate:// launch applicationcurrent_ver = stub.getVersion();app_filebase = stub.getFileBase();stub.launchApp(app_filebase + "/" + current_ver);// pseudocode is synchronous but this should all be done asynchronouslystub.syncAppDB();new_ver = stub.getLatestAppVersion();if (app_ver != new_ver) { files = stub.getNewAppFilesList(); files.foreach(file) { old_filepath = app_filebase + "/" + current_ver +"/" + file.path; new_filepath = app_filebase + "/" + new_ver +"/" + file.path; old_crc = CRC32(old_filepath); if (old_crc = file.crc) copyFile(old_filepath, new_filepath); else saveFromURL(file.URL, new_filepath, file.CRC); } stub.setVersion(new_ver);});The final part of the project would be a simple Grunt script with two steps: "test" and "deploy". "Test" would move the contents of the app folder into the database but mark the new app record "deploy_type" as "pre-production". "Deploy" would do the same thing but mark the app record as "production". The Files database would experience no differences (and files uploaded in the "test" build would not be re-uploaded in the "deploy" build unless changed."). There would also have to be some way of setting a launcher stub to subscribe to the "pre-production" updates. Versioning numbers would have to be configurable in the grunt script.

  • $41 USD/hr 6 days ago

    I"m looking for an individual who"s AWESOME with Python, Javascript, jQuery, MongoDB, and has experience launching apps on AWS EC2 environments. Bonus if you"re into Github. Please send me more information about your experience with these technologies -- and specify which one"s you use and where! ONLY individuals, looking to build long-term relationship! If you read this far, make sure to include the text "imreal" in your subject line. Thanks!

  • ₹1000 INR/hr 8 days ago

    Human Capital Management , Security Policy

  • [Sealed] 21 days ago

    I need a developer who is expert in node.js. I have a long time project to offer. Please bid if have very good experience in node.js.Bid with your past work.

  • $22 USD/hr 26 days ago

    InCaptus aims to seam the gap in collaboration between MD"s and the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical industry during all phases of clinical drug development from idea to execution. Our mission is to add value to the industry as a whole by incentivizing our ‘Thought Leader’ users to provide vital and accurate feedback to our clients.

  • $555 USD 29 days ago

    I want to create a API for my social network. Here is requirement for this project:Experience: MongoDB, SpringMVC, SpringData, Restful WS, AWS, Cache, Loadbalance, SecurityWe will have an interview before you start the project so make sure that you are good enough.

  • $155 USD 29 days ago

    I want to create a API for my social network. We have 26 API and have done third of them, the rest are easier stuffs. We need someone to finish it and test properly.

  • $200 USD May 11, 2013

    I"m writing a Sorting program that prompts the user to enter a file name and then opens the file. It will read the comment from the first line and also read an integer N from the second line. It then reads N integers from the rest of the file and puts them into consecutive locations in an array. Once it does all this the program will then write the name of the input file and will sort an identical copy of the array using selection sort and merge sort(two classes that I have already. it finally writes a report of the number of compares and moves done in each sort and then asks the user if he wishes to continue. There are three classes that i am supposed to use and i will provide them.I will also attach a word document that gives more detailed instructions.The program is due on Tuesday, May 14, but it shouldnt take a experienced program more than a day to complete

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Java J2EE expert

Oct 2005 - Present (8 years)

Working In Reputed MNC in India



Punjab Engineering College





I am sun certified java programmer with 95% marks.



I am done SCWCD(Sun Web Component developer )

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