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Karim - Be 2 Go

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Location: Amman, Jordan

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  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ifilip


    Feb 18, 2013

    Good service!

    Project Description:I'm looking for provider who can offer me fully managed email marketing system. Sending volume is 1-2 million per month. Requirements: - Fully managed - you will take care of all technical issues and not bother me with them...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rajrawana


    Dec 6, 2012

    We came across some issues with this project, they were more than willing to help resolve all issues and try out different tests to ensure completion. Good Freelancer

    Project Description:This project is to send 5 Million emails, within the next 5 days. You must have excellent inbox deliverability and you must submit a draft of the email to me prior to sending. These emails must also be sent in the day USA time...
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  • $200 USD In Progress

    Serjago I need the same thing- Please tell me your cost for this? I will need this on a monthly basis/ I didnt know what price to put so i did $200 in there :) MikeProject Description: I"m looking for provider who can offer me fully managed email marketing system. Sending volume is 1-2 million per month.Requirements:- Fully managed - you will take care of all technical issues and not bother me with them.- I must be able to log in, managed my list, campaigns and do myself all necessary actions.- Total privacy - you will not share my lists nor my identity with anyone.- Fast servers - must be able to send at least 10k emails per hour and 1 million per week if necessary.- High inbox delivery rate! This is very important. I know my list and their average open rate, so if it"s any lower will find another provider.- 24/7 technical support - I often work weekends and night time, but you must be available to fix any problems within few hours.In your bid please tell the price for full package:- for 1 million per month- for 2 million per month

  • $100 USD In Progress

    We have a list of half a million users of our websites, and we need to send newsletters to them. Need some expert to setup the whole mailing list system for us on our vps or dedicated server1. The emailer should auto customize the Subject Line and the Message text to address them by name and other custom fields.2. The emails should reach the inbox, not spam junk3. Automatic bounce mail handling, and ignoring the bounced emails in further newsletters3. There should be easy unsubscribe option (the unsubscribed users should have a separate list, we should be able to import easily the old unsubscribed list)4. Full HTML emails5. Easy import of users using CVS files6. Custom fields required7. Full reporting of opened and delivered emails, also clicked URLs etcThis job should be done automated and fast, Maximum budget is 100-150 $ maximum.

  • $27 USD/hr 23 days ago

    This is the scenario, We have about 6 websites in a singlehop VPS server. Several of these are moderate traffic ecommerce sites.We had an amazing IT person who managed it all for us remotely, but they got sick and completely bailed with a ton of loose ends.We had the same IT person for 18 months, they did a good job, but now we are really stuck trying to make sure everything is running PCI compliant and smoothely and our host is of almost no help whatsoever. So we"re looking for a new IT person with a comprehensive System Administrator skillset.Can you help us out?Pay will be hourly and ongoing.

  • $183 USD Jun 20, 2014

    Reliable Email marketer needed for bulk email campain.high inbox rate is required.Set-up time should be minimal.

  • $155 USD Jun 20, 2014

    I have a VPS running CentOS. I need PostFix + Dovecot + MySQL + No SSL/TLS on this VPS.

  • $150 USD Mar 11, 2014

    we have a server and pmta installed with interspire. we have large number of soft bounces . we need to solve this problem and improve our inbox delivery

  • $240 USD Aug 30, 2013

    we want to find someone from switzerland to expand B2C marketing ,experience of SNS promotion .

  • $155 USD Jun 19, 2013

    I need to deliver 1 mm - 2mm plus daily into inbox at yahoo,gmail, hotmail, etc.If you have the ability contact me asap I will pay very well

  • $10 USD/hr May 4, 2013

    Hi Seraj,am talking to a e mail provider and they provide an API for developer to send an e mail shoot. Interested in case you can help in such task. can you visit their web site and see in case you can helpregards,

  • $99 USD Apr 19, 2013

    Looking for a email system that can send my newsletter out to 200K people.I will provide the email list.I am familiar with interspire email marketer so it would be good if anyone can provide this for me.

  • $35 USD/hr Mar 30, 2013

    hiDo you have plans to market smart phone applications

  • $75 USD Mar 19, 2013

    I need an email blast to 1 Million email addresses. This list was purchased and is a list of 1 million licensed real estate agents in the United States. I"m almost certain the bounce rate is pretty high on this but I don"t know how high. What I would like to do is clean this list by sending out a 1 million e-mails( I"m assuming you have a system that will track bounces and opt outs). My goal is to come up with a clean list and have you send it on a regular basis. The product that I sell is an information product that is excellent. It has proven sales and I can show you that proof in my PayPal account. I"m willing to give you 30% per sale of the product when it sells( I"m certain that if you get into the inbox you will get at least five sales but should be more as I have changed the e-mail message)if not I will pay you for your time and effort. Would you be interested in this project

  • $600 USD Feb 23, 2013

    I need an expert with prior experience with Interspire Email Marketer and Power MTA to perform the following tasks:- Install Interspire Email Marketing (With Multiple MTA)- Install the Database- Set up DKIM Signing, RDNS, PX, MX & SPF records, Sender ID, DNS and + ISP complaints loop...- Configure the mail server & MTA to work securely and quickly with Interspire Email Marketer, and optimize for inbox delivery to major providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.)- Set up of CRON schedule setting- Configure PowerMTA to work with Interspire- Install cPanel- Help to choose the server hardware- Install the following modifications to Interspire:+ Multiple MTA/SMTP + IP Monitor+ Multi-Thread+ Feedback Loops(FBL Complaints)+ Social Network+ GeoStats+ Spin Content+ Backup/Export Stats-------------With interspire we need to recieve bounces from all providers and automatically keep our lists clean.With interspire we need at least 100k of emails being sent an hour.Send 300k per day-------------Our PowerMTA and Interspire configuration needs to be like this:- Rotate the outgoing IP based in Domain (sender-from:) assigned assigned assigned assigned assigned with we will use the IP we will use the IP THROUGH 10 IPS)================================================================| Notice: The major ISP"s have limited the rate hour/day/recipients| of mails:| - Hotmail: 3500 - 5000 per day - per IP| - Yahoo: 350 - 500 per day - per IP| - Gmail/Aol/Others: 30.000 per day - per IP|| This method is used to not get blacklisted our IP"s================================================================Please bid only knowledgeable persons on POWER MTA.Please NOTE: Document all changed files..Thanks for your attention.Only experienced programmer with this particular mailing platform.

  • $750 USD Jan 15, 2013

    Hi,Send 100k emails per day, in a pattern of one week on one week off for 3 months.We are looking for a supplier with high inboxing rates especialy in hotmail. We supply our own direct list, we have our own emails produced daily that will be supplied. Please provide a weekly price to send 700k emails over a week, 100k per day. For a total of 8 million emails over the 3 monthsWe will be doing test s before agrement so only experience bulk emailers apply.cheers

  • $2 USD/hr Dec 23, 2012

    Professional company looking for marketing email sending providerEmail sending software owners welcome +

  • $350 USD Dec 5, 2012

    I need a smtp server setup on my vps with SPF/DKIM/RDNS/IP ROTATION to mail from a desktop mailer, I need proof that the ip rotation is working properly and also a short video tutorial showing how the whole process is done.

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