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Mishel Naguib

joomla , wordpress and php expert

Username: urcoder

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Location: cairo, Egypt

Member since: October 2006



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  • $221.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jasonarga


    5 days ago

    Great worker. Willing to work through unforeseen issues.

    Project Description:1. FIX ISSUE: The Google Adsense banners I created aren't showing up. Please make these show up. 2. Add a big Facebook share button above and below the pin. For example, on...
  • $660.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller pedroxico


    17 days ago

    Urcoder has very good skills. He did a very nice work. Unfortunately not in time&hellip; but I will rehire him again.<br/>

    Project Description:Looking for a developer to add some features in EasyDiscuss In EasyDiscuss ACL we can: - Add new question - Add new reply - Delete own discussion - Delete own replies - … I would like to add “Add new reply to own question”...
  • $335.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller clacken


    19 days ago

    Great Work! Very talented and dedicated! Will definitely work with him again

    Project Description:Very simple connections. I would like to have a user: 1. Create a Community BUilder account from Joomla website 2. Have this data be submited to openERP customer tables 3. Have the user log into moodle...
  • $220.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Keggco


    Jun 23, 2014

    Freelancer does exceptional work and was very patient with me on alot of things I did not know about that cost him extra time. THANK YOU!

    Project Description:Good Evening. I&#039;ve recently purchased a real estate brokerage in Costa Rica and I am looking to upgrade the website that came with the business. I like the general theme of the existing Joomla (1.5)...
  • $24.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller IMacks


    Jun 13, 2014

    Urcoder came to my aid immediately and helped me resolve a troublesome issue. Much appreciated!

    Project Description:I have a number of content pages displayed under a category with a navigation bar shown at the bottom of the page. When I added some pages today, the navigation bar does not show and when a few pages are...
  • $147.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller noelle0504


    Jun 8, 2014

    Urcoder is really an expert! He did a job, two other freelancer give up before! He is very professional! I will really hire him again! Thanks! A+++

    Project Description:Hello, i am looking for a Joomla and Jomsocial expert with knowledge of javascript! I have got a conflict between my Joomla Template and Jomsocial activity stream (think will be javascript conflict)...
  • $38.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller johnfrancis


    Jun 6, 2014

    One of the best experiences we've had on Freelancer!He's one of the best!

    Project Description:The kunena install on my old Joomla 1.5.26 site broke it&#039;s ability to accept any Joomle logins with the versions of Joomla and Kunena being sold old I moved that installation to another directory and installed Joomla 3.3 and the latest version of Kunena...
  • $105.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller twehrli2


    May 25, 2014

    The project was done in a fast time and communication was clear. the results are satisfying and i would hire hhim again.

    Project Description:The Component mailinvote from the site runs only in joomla 2.5 i need a version for joomla 3.3
  • $79.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Gentileuser


    May 24, 2014

    Very serious, made all requests and more additional ones without any problem.was there with me until i was satisfied about the job 100%recommended 100% and yes with normal price!

    Project Description:Hello, I would like to make a facebook fans counter. I have more than one page on fb And i want this module to show total likes from all pages that i add to it on real time.
  • $333.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller isaacb


    Apr 18, 2014

    Everything is perfect, highly recommended, will be using his services again!

    Project Description:I require a developer/designer to integrate the getshopped wordpress plugin into my wordpress I require some of the other getshopped plugins also integrated like, Stock plugin and manual order plugins, which can be found here 3...
    Mishel Naguib has not completed any projects.
  • $231 USD In Progress

    I apologize to all freelancers for not having awarded this project the first time around.People with no positive feedback and Joomla proven experience and completion rates below 90% will not be chosen, sorry.--------------------I have a hostel and I rely heavily on provides a script that adds a Calendar to our website and every reservation that is done from our own website using that calendar pays a lower commission than doing it directly with booking.comThis is the script we get and you can see it live in on the right hand side.What i want is a Joomla module that would let me have the same benefits of paying a lower commission, but with added functionality, What i want-Better, more modern Calendar (similar to datepicker jquery) -After clicking on the check in, automatically gives focus to check out (only if possible similar to this joomla 2.5 module that I can install on other website and only have to change the variables given.-Open the results within both the Joomla main body or in a lightbox (currently the client looses focus of the main page and ends up on booking&quot;s)Please note that I&quot;ll test the module with a real reservation as I have the ability to check on the intranet if the reservation was done using the script or not. (see attachment)I have tried several times on doing this module myself, but my coding skills are not very good, generally I have problems with the parsing of the URL, as it has to be identical to the one given by the script.Please ask as many questions you see fit. Please keep in mind our budget is limited and i think this shouldn&quot;t take more of a days work if you know your Joomla stuff.

  • $12 USD/hr In Progress

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project &quot;99frases customization&quot;

  • $12 USD/hr In Progress

    I need somebody who is an expert in PHP, mysql, html, etc to do quick de-bugging of HTML pages, Wordpress templates, etc.Work will start in 30 minute to 2 hour tasks. I need the person to be quick, expert and inexpensive.If you are good and responsive this can be an on-going job.I&quot;m looking for somebody who is online many hours per day, preferably during 4 North American day time hours each day.

  • $210 AUD 5 days ago

    The custom module that I want is as follows:- A custom menu module for Joomla 3- Brief- building off the menu module that already exists in Joomla, I would like to develop a menu module that allows my clients to select different types of menus to add to their site for example a main menu, vertical side bar menu, a footer menu, site map menu, and a top tool bar menu (check out attachment to illustrate)The module must support 3-4 level drop down, Also must have the ability to support mega-menu functionality and when main-menu type is selected must have mobile compatibility. The css style as a default for this module, must be modern and flat styled UI, we can discuss this down the track ill supply you with a css file with them. (Might have a drop-down menu to select a few different styles). Users can select the following: - menu type (main menu, side bar menu, footer menu, top toolbar menu, site map)- menu (this would be a drop down list of all the current active menus)- base item - start level - end level - show sub menu item - yes or no- a primary colour - secondary colour - custom CSS- yes or no (this feature allows the user to select yes if they would like to overwrite the CSS files with a template specific style. This would just point to a specific location in the template folder and grab those files)I need this to be complete in 2-3 days.

  • £242 GBP 5 days ago

    I need a food ordering component for my joomla website. it needs to have ecommerce functions like virtuemart. check this link it will give you a better idea of what i require.

  • £5263 GBP 5 days ago

    We will be launching a website this year that will be front-end to a range of different services. What we need is someone who can take a base Joomla setup and implement:- simple messaging- file downloads- customer forum (we have an existining Joomla forum that will need moving sites)In addition, we will need to implement a custom method of communicating basis data and single sign-on between this website and some other services, therefore a background in developing PHP on a Joomla background is required.All artwork will be provided, so therefore no graphic design skills are required at all.

  • £684 GBP 6 days ago

    Project: Webpage(Javascript) generator for “Organisation Chart menu” Joomla 2.5 ExtensionOverall goal: To provide an automated way of building an organisation chart hierarchy from the Joomla contacts list, without separate admin needed.Related Tools: Joomla 2.5 & Organisational Chart Menu Joomla ExtensionInterface/Audience: There will be no user interaction with this pageValidation/Debug Level: Standard, as this is not a critical runtime applicationPlan: 1. To create separate PHP webpage that we can call via a Cron job or a Button within Joomla (We will handle the call method)2. To then lookup the Joomla core contacts list (not login list) and obtain (preferably through a Joomla library JDatabase method rather than direct to MySQL to avoid issue after Joomla updates)a. To pickup an agreed field with Joomla contacts that will hold a CODE (to be agreed) that will say what the “parent node id” of this contact is.b. If there is no code, then this contact can be skipped and ignoredc. You will need to populate the JavaScript with: id, parented, title, description and a link for the profile image within Joomla (see reference below)3. To demonstrate the code works manually4. To provide assistance to implement and test, and remedy accordingly (we will have our development team installing it, so this should be minimal and IT specific)5. We need basic text displayed when the PHP is run, to show success or failure to build organisational tree webpageSkills: PHP/Joomla 2.5 (& JDatabase)/JavaScript/MySQL?Process Discussion: 1. We think it might be sensible to create the Javascript required as a separate file and then use a permanent “src” link from the main webpage (is this feasible/sensible?)2. You may think it better to replace the Hierarchy script page to a PHP page that’s generates the script on-the-fly at runtime, please provide your recommendation?Timescales: 1-2Wks DurationHelpful Resources:

  • $421 USD 7 days ago

    Building iDEAL payment plugin for a joomla pugin

  • £100 GBP 7 days ago

    On a checkout page of our ecommerce website, when applying the promo code, if an antivirus is active it breaks user&quot;s session logging him/her out.Tried with Windows 7 + AVG and MacOS + SophosSame pattern

  • £231 GBP 7 days ago

    Maintenance, upgrades, reporting, data importing

  • $50 USD 7 days ago

    You start directly on working on a charity site.You will make 300 catagories and proviles (only need to fill in a name)Budget 50 USD

  • $236 USD 7 days ago

    we have book library component 1.5 right now we need to upgrade or data migrate joomla 3.0 give me your skype id for further

  • $236 USD 7 days ago

    Need Tree Modules modification based on Mapator for Mosets Tree ( ) or with Geofactory ( or details on applicationNeeds this ASAPThanks

  • $234 USD 7 days ago

    Bonjourje cherche un expert joomla pour configurer un template joomla et un module pour un site de sport. il s&quot;agit d&quot;un site d&quot;information sur le sport , passe en revue tous les sports pratiqués football, handball, boxe, tennis, rugby, cyclisme, judo, natation, basket-ball, volley-ball, athlétisme.exemple de site template peut être ou les modules: qui sera configuré pour chaque type de sportaussi les widget ici :

  • $231 USD 7 days ago

    I&quot;m looking for a freelancer who can make Joomla websites (Already installed, you get the log in-codes). I will also provide the menu-items and text that should be inserted. Basically, you get a sitemap and you have to build it.In the future you also have to design the joomla-template.For this particular website the Joomla template is already installed. Its gonna be around 20 pages. Mostly text.When i find a good freelancer I will send the information needed to get this project underway.kind regards,Bart Merkus

  • $210 USD 7 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $210 USD 7 days ago

    Needed a skilled bidder at Freelancer for webdeveloping team. 5%comission granted

  • £210 GBP 10 days ago

    We need a web developers with great Joomla expertise to fix a problem we are facing in the development of a website.The problem is that on going to a specific page the session ends for the user (logging him out) and new a default one is created while the old session is still maintained in the database. Need this thing fixed: User shouldn&quot;t be logged out and should follow normal flow.The platform is based on Joomla 3.2 + heavily customized extensions.We require a high interaction of the hired freelancer with our internal IT responsible who is currently following the developments.

  • $631 USD 10 days ago

    Hi,I need a fronted web interface for single customer.This web app is able to search best price of listed barcode (typed on screen or loaded by XLS file) on selected 2 or 3 online price comparator engine (like twenga, amazon, kelkoo) and compare the best price founded with price on my Virtuemart 2.6.6 site. It show price difference in % and show by side some value present in custom-fields virtuemart item.Optionally if it&quot;s possible (without hours coding), I like to save this report in csv or XLS file. Otherwise I read the results on screen and stop.Thanks

  • $210 USD 10 days ago

    Hi,I am looking for a developer to work on my project based on JM-Classifieds and CommunityBuilder2.0Please let me know if you have skills and are interested

  • $947 USD 10 days ago

    This project is for the development of a custom Joomla component. Please review the attached files for detailed requirements.

  • $631 USD 10 days ago

    Previous website upgrade for Champagne AGoGo club locally in pattaya.

  • $178 USD 10 days ago

    Hello, I am using Joomla 2.5, php 5.4 and IIS8.0 dedicated server for a website, hosted in Hong Kong datacenter.The website was originally developed under Linux+Apache server, and moved to this IIS server.The problem is: 1. only the homepage display well. 2. when try to access to any other pages, it shows &quot;The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.&quot; After refreshing, the webpage can be displayed, but with a warning: Warning: file_put_contents(C:\Inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\attachments\.htaccess): failed to open stream: Permission denied in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\libraries\joomla\filesystem\file.php on line 421Can you fix the problem and make the website run well.Thanks.

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joomla & php programmer

Jan 2005 - Dec 2012 (7 years)


i am joomla and php programmer and have more than 300 projects with excellent reviews


electronics and communications

Ain Shams University



Bsc. of telecommunications - engineering

Ain shams universty

Bsc. of telecommunications - engineering


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