Design a Logo for Cell Phone Repair Company

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Design a Logo for Cell Phone Repair Company

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New company looking for a creative eye catching logo for website, email and business cards. The business name is Performance Communications and we provide cell phone repair services as well as iPad and tablet repairs.
Some ideas to consider for logo:
broken cell phone screen (focus on cell phone repair)
would like to see these color combinations:
Orange & Grey
Purple & Grey
Orange, Purple & Grey
will consider other colour schemes as well

For potential customers to be able to glance at the logo and know the service we provide.
Attached is a logo idea we may consider if the star was replaced with a broken cell phone screen
These are just suggestions please bring forward other unique ideas for the logo.
Logo to include the following:
Business Name - Performance Communications
Service offered - Phone Repair
Design Feature - Picture of some kind - shape, cell phone with broken screen, etc.

Additional design work may follow with car wraps, signage, banners, advertising posters and other promotional materials.
Final logo design to be resizable and submitted in jpeg file format.

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