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  • graphidesginer's Profile Picture
    Covers & Packaging Expert
    142 Reviews

    Packaging lay out studio for covers and packaging to provide you with the best in graphic design for business identity and promotions through business cards, banners, logo design.

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  • Med7008's Profile Picture
    Covers & Packaging Designer
    87 Reviews

    With 7 years experience in covers and packaging designing and in 2D and 3D graphic design, highly recommended for business cards and covers and packaging.

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  • chubbycreations's Profile Picture
    Covers & Packaging Designing Expert
    182 Reviews

    With a degree in marketing, this freelancer can handle cover and packaging needs in creative design. Also offers Facebook marketing and label design for corporate identity.

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  • terekarpad's Profile Picture
    Covers & Packaging Service Provider
    49 Reviews

    Highly recommended for meeting deadlines and paying attention to deadlines. Can assist with logo and brochure design, printing, and all your other cover and packaging needs.

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  • LantisDesign's Profile Picture
    Covers & Packaging Exert
    69 Reviews

    A small design company that does cover and packaging for small and medium sized businesses. Skilled in logo and web design as well as graphics for stickers, t-shirts, and more.

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  • MinaDeAli's Profile Picture
    Quality Covers & Packaging Provider
    26 Reviews

    With more than ten years experience in graphic design, Mina is a serious and highly recommended designer for covers and packaging. She excels at logo and print design.

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Finding Packaging Designers on Freelancer

Covers and packaging of physical products are supremely important, particularly in a cluttered market. Packaging plays a vital role in introducing a product, establishing or supporting a brand identity, and ensuring it stands out from the crowd, alongside more functional roles such as product protection during storage and shipping.

A common mistake of numerous businesses is believing packaging consists solely of a strong aesthetic. As odd as sounds, packaging must connect with customers on an emotional level in order to drive them to choose your product over a competitor's.  

Design is a central component of successful packaging. A good design will reflect product and brand values, deliver essential information such as pricing, quality, materials, and safety ratings; as well promoting less tangible benefits such as environmental status, whether natural or man modified.  

However, a number of key decisions are required prior to commencement to ensure a strategic design that aligns with business objectives. Background research should include: understanding target audiences, identifying colors that reflect a brand and prompt desired customer behavior, analyzing modes of storage and distribution, selecting packaging types and materials, developing persuasive messaging, as well as identifying appropriate images and fonts. Effective research prior to design commencement can mean the difference between customers choosing a product and not even noticing it.

Instrumental in guaranteeing sensible product, packaging and design decisions is a designer experienced in product packaging with a proven track record. offers a great platform for sourcing experienced packaging designers fast and at affordable prices!

There are a number of key components to a strong cover or packaging design. A few of these are outlined below:

  • Memorable - A design must capture and maintain attention of your target audience.
  • Differentiated - Ensure a product stands out from competitors and surrounding products.
  • On Brand - A great design will establish a brand identity or reflect brand values.
  • Appeals to your target market - Packaging and designs should appeal to those that are meant to buy it.
  • Practicality - Is the shape convenient for storage and transportation. Are shipping economies considered? Will consumers find it practical in the cupboard at home?
  • Sells - Does the packaging turn shoppers into buyers? An effective packaging or cover design will help sell a product.

Whether designing packaging or covers for products in health and beauty, hardware, lifestyle, food and beverage, travel or professional services, you need a practical creative designer with a results-focused approach. Someone who can provide simple, innovative and functional solutions to deliver tangible outcomes.

At there are thousands of designers with a combination of skills and experience to deliver the best results right to your computer.

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