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This is to complete a job that was being done by other developers, but who have failed to make progress and who now have been sacked. Don't worry, they have been paid handsomely :D

I have a WordPress template for a website. It is an adaptation of an existing theme that is no longer available and which has been changed to suit the nature of my website and business. The site can be viewed at:

[url removed, login to view]

The work, so far, can be seen at

Much of the work has been finished. However, there are many little corners, including styling, that need looking at and some larger things that need implementing. I have attached a both the original project specification as well as the revised one, which was originally phase 2 of the work. Most of the original specification has been completed.

There is the possibility that I have left something out, or that something has not been explained properly. Please read them carefully and ask me any questions you might have.


I want the work completed within 21 days.


I have said it is a small project. I will pay any reasonable amount above that. I am not looking for cheap labour, but dedicated professionals who can use the right amount of time the project deserves.

There will be only a milestone of $80 offered initially, since I have been caught out by that too many times. Once I am certain that you have the right qualities, the milestone will be revised to 33% of the total agreed cost. The second payment will be made on completion of the development and the final payment on completion of testing. There will be no discussion of this. If you are correct for the job, you will be paid on time and in full (check my feedback).

Payment will be by results, rather than this prevalent "Pay me the rest now or I won't finish your project" attitude that some freelancers use to bully clients.


As project developers, you will report to me at the end of each working day showing your progress. I will write comments which you will take on board. We shall all be happy then :D


All development will be done on the Trondheim 360 server. You will be provided with a username and password to the server, which will be changed once the work is complete.


Testing will be done by five colleagues and myself, all of whom are photographers and WordPress users. The ultimate test will be the smooth transfer of this theme to my Trondheim 360 site.

Future employment:

The right people, e.g. those who are awarded this contract, will be provided with all my web development in the future. This is a considerable amount, for which I have had the services of a wonderfully clever developer who is now unavailable for freelance work. In the past two years, this has amounted to over 15,000 USD. This will be the first version of the theme, with more to come in the near future.


Only fluent English speakers. This is because some of the concepts that are being discussed here are quite tricky. I do not want to waste time by having to repeat everything. Similarly, no muppets without any experience in the sort of thing I want. This is a project for experienced professionals.

Do not, please, send me a list of WordPress projects you have completed. This one is different. It is tailor made for my photographic business and will be sold to others with the same interests.

Please indicate that you have read this description and the project spec (attached) properly.

Please note that I have been spoiled by the original developer who worked super fast and efficiently. I expect the same sort of approach, rather than a little thing here and a little thing there being changed, or being told that what I want is not possible.

Happy bidding. Let's hope we can have a good and long-lasting working relationship!

Skills: CSS, HTML, PHP, WordPress

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