non-axis-aligned reflections

create an OpenGL, C++ application that will simulate a ball bouncing of a surface that is not aligned with a major axis.

Students will be given a terrain class that has a sample surface created and methods to get the height and normal at any point.

Students will create a simulation where the user will use the arrow keys to change the ball’s velocity. The application will update the ball’s velocity and position based on user input and gravity. When the ball collides with the surface, the incident velocity will be reflected about the surface normal to produce the final or reflected velocity. The program will be written so that the ball loses a certain percentage of its velocity every time it hits the surface.

program provided and most of code done. need code in the case WM_Timer area that is marked finished being modified correctly. I had the ball moving once but wouldnt bounce right so i changed what i added and now i cant get the ball to move at all and its due tomorrow so i need help again.


instructions provided

if you can modify the [url removed, login to view] in the next 30mins i will add $20 tip.

Skills: C++ Programming, OpenGL

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